Mahouka’s moeromantic jazzy anison, I really wanna have imouto!

sisconMahouka no Rettousei. OMG, that OST or BGM of dance party scene in ep 18, what’s the name of this anison (anime song)?

Ahhh, Miyuki is imouto (little sis) and Tatsuya as onii-san (big bro), yup the Shiba siblings. But OMG, imouto is really kawaii, over the top adoration and devotion to Tatsuya, addressing him as “onii-sama.” Yes, with that charming voice of Hayami Saori! Moe! Usually, imouto calls her big brother “onii-chan” as endearment, yes even Sakura calling Tora-san “onii-chan,” but this one, “onii-sama” is so over the top, nobody addresses as “sama” anymore. There is no more peerage or aristocracy in Japan since Gen. Douglas MacArthur arrived in Tokyo and abolished aristocracy, so basically no more of calling someone “sama” in social setting at least face to face except for the Imperial family members. Letter or email or company formal letter, yes, “sama” is still addressed, but family situation, imouto is speaking keigo (formal polite language) to onii-chan is unheard of. Yes, like Marimite, “onee-sama” or big-sister, that kind of language is unthinkable today. But, it creates rather a kind of sexual tension like Marimite of yuri, I mean it sounds too polite, submissive, obedient, devotional, oh yes, but I still hear “sama” even today. Where? At Maid cafe! Yes, maids address you as “goshujin-sama (master).” Or to female, “ojou-sama (mademoiselle).” Or at SM club, addressing dominatrix as “jo-ou-sama (queen).” But I don’t go to SM clubs, only to Maid cafes.maiderika

How I wish I had imouto (妹). I really want imo, or close female friend. Oh, yes, imouto’s etymology is imo (妹). Yes, imo meant “intimate girl” such as wife, girlfriend, sister, close female friend, female cousin. So, yes, Miyuki is the archetype of this imo. Wife/lover/sister/female friend blended together. Yes, imo is so precious, priceless, but how precious if I must give a concrete answer? I would say one female friend is more precious than 100 dudes, or in other words, one female friend is worth 100 dude friends. So, when enrolling school as freshman, we sing, “If I become a freshman, will I be able to make 100 friends?” Well, in Japan, that’s freshman’s goal for the first year of grade schools (for Yamada of B gata H kei, “kill by sword” 100 dudes). Yes, on SNS such as facebook, twitter, LINE, but just making one female friend already reaches that goal, because one female friend worths a hundred guy friends. So, it takes a hundred times more energy to become friends with a girl than a dude. But the degree of happiness is also a hundred times bigger. Yes, one imo is worth a hundred dudes. I mean incomparable, the most precious thing in the world is imo. And the ultimate form of imo is imouto! That’s why I crave for imouto. For otaku like us, gf is virtually impossible, because just making even one female friend is already a huge struggle and taking energy one hundred times more, so to make a gf is beyond our wildest dreams, so marriage for us is…probably eternally single until death with no children to raise,  But, imouto is already imouto by default, you don’t need to work your ass off to get her, because imouto is already imouto from the beginning and eternally imouto, while gf or wife, she may break up with you anytime, even though they whisper in your ears “I love you” until yesterday, so you’re always insecure, but imouto, always secure until death, or even beyond death, even though she stops loving you, the fact that she’s my imouto always remains the eternal truth, so imouto is eternal, no break up. Yes, imouto is something that goes beyond even death! Imouto overcomes death! Totally winner!

Even dancing with other dude, still looking at onii-sama. Totally devotional, ahh!

That’s my rambling of imoutology discourse. As an imoutomancer (ultimate form of moeromancer), I invoke imouto moe by watching anime like Mahouka. I don’t have any imouto, so I can never be a siscon in real life, so completely 2D!

honokaAnyway BGM at the bourgeois dance party in ep 18 was so swooning. What’s the name of the song? This is some jazz standard like classic Audrey Hepburn films. Yes, very old Hollywood films from the 50s. Ahh, so beautiful, and classy, yes, even though I’m a proletarian, I want to dance with girls in dress with romantic jazz music in the background. Yes, Gershwin type of music, smooth melody with strings orchestra. Ahh, the mood of classy(=bourgeois) that we proletarians never get to enjoy, which leads to envy and eventually ressentiment. We commoners, well, to be more specific, as NEET, freeter, lunpen, social dregs: makegumi (losers).

shizukuI was wondering who wrote that song. Yes, I searched on google, but nothing came up but same questions have been asked here at myanimelist. So, it’s completely a new song that hasn’t even get released yet, I guess.

eimiI’m a feminist gentleman. Yes, a gentleman that happened to be named “hentai.” Yes, it’s my destiny and duty as a gentleman to dance with girls! Yes, to dance and flirt with all my imo! Yes, harlem anime is actually “imo anime.” Anime about imo! That’s what I seek!

saegusaHere’s chord progression I just figured roughly so far.

Eb     G7(-13)  AbM7  C7(-13)
Fm  C7(-13)   Fm  Bb11
Gm   Cm   Fm   Bb11
Eb  F#dim Fm  Bb7(13)

Eb    G7(-13)   AbM7  C7(-13)
Fm  C7(-13)    Fm    Bb11
Gm   G7   Cm   C7
Fm    Bb11   Eb  Eb7

Abm  Db9   F#m  Ebm
Abm  Db9   F#M7
Fm     Bb9   Gm  C9
Fm        Bb11   Bb7

Eb    G7(-13)  AbM7   C7(-13)
Fm    Bb7    Eb



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5 thoughts on “Mahouka’s moeromantic jazzy anison, I really wanna have imouto!

  1. Hahahahahaha, A true imouto-lover like me :D. Wherever there is an imouto, I am. Just rewatched Oreimo last week and wondered about Ayase’s VA, so I looked her up and found out she had an Imouto role in this wonderful anime. So I marathoned it and OMG I was delighted. Miyuki is the pinnacle of imouto and Tatsuya is only able to have feeling for his imouto, nothing else, he is the ultimate Sis-con, a true example of what a man should be!.

    1. Oh that’s right. Ayase’s seiyuu plays Miyuki in Mahouka. LOL, agree, Sis-con is the real man! I love Oreimo, and songs by ClariS, ahh so cute! Yes, an imouto call you “onii-sama.” Nothing more orgasmic than that.

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