Yuno was once a yojo!

Yōjo (幼女 “Loli”)!

But actually, it’s a homophonic heterograph, yojo (養女 “adopted girl”). But otakus intentionally misheard the word and commented, “Yes, Yojo! Loli!” In Future Diary episode 19th, it was revealed that Yuno was not biologically related to her parents, and she was actually an adopted girl. So, from the context, it was deadly obvious that she was Yojo as an adopted girl. Yet, we stormed our comments at once, “Yojo (幼女)!” That overreaction was so hilarious!

Yes, so many otakus are into yojo, yes, Lolis! But otakus can’t come out that they have yojo-moe (幼女萌え) in the mainstream society. And here’s a MAD from niconico, singing about how Lolicon this otaku singer-songwriter is. Purely masterpiece! It should win a Grammy the Best Song of the Year.

Yes, a protest song! The spirit of enka is here! The title is “I want to scream that I love Loli!” Here is a rough translation of the lyric:

I search the sparkle of life on a keyboard
And as always the keyword is “yojo”
You don’t need any reason to go crazy over Loli
But that imagination never comes true
My eyes have been stolen instantly without realizing it
Incurable, incurably, I’m helplessly a Lolicon

I want to scream that I love Loli!
Let’s get ready to take a risk
Though we get the eyes of comtempt
I want to scream that I love Loli!
Coming out with courage
I want you to embrace this ardent passion

Overhyping media and excessive regulation
Real victims are us minorities
We’ll never hurt you for the reason that we are so in love with you
So, let’s stop this regulation

When will this obnoxious regulation end?
We want to chat up Lolis, have conversation with them, but we can’t

I want to scream that I love Loli!
If I have some skills
I can exercise freedom of expressions
I want to scream that I love Loli!
But that would put me in a difficult position
At least they should permit us just eyeballing them

Speech: “Have these bureaucratic people never thought about how many crimes that target young children will be going to skyrocket in Real society since a deterrent won’t work anymore because of too much regulation imposed upon anime, comics, and dojin markets?”

“Danmaku (curtain of comment bullets), ready!”

I want to scream I love Loli!
Even though that’s impossible
I can’t lie to my true self
I want to scream I love Loli!
I never commit crime
This ardent passion will always be moe-burning forever in my heart. *another homonym “moe” 萌え(moe) 燃え(burn)

Speech: “Want to protect a young child, feeling of “lovely” is a human nature. So, I hereby dare to declare, Non-lolicons are no human beings!”

Yes, Yojo-revolution (幼女革命) instead of shojo revolution (少女革命) like Utena. 幼女漫画 (yojo manga). Yes, Puella Magica Madoka should be renamed “Yojo revolution Madoka (幼女革命マドカ).” Or Cardcaptor Sakura is “Yojo revolution Sakura (幼女革命さくら).” Thus,

Lolicons of the world, unite!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe