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The Pure, Savage Fury Of REDLINE

  There comes a time when it feels as if the things you liked have up and passed you by, or encompassed nowhere near the…

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Through Older Lenses: Toward The Terra

In a far-flung future, Earth has become a scorched, near uninhabitable body in space due to mankind’s innate tendency toward violence. And from the ashes…

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Fan Service As Pop Genius: Project A-ko

  Superhuman action, mecha, galactic-scale collateral damage, and in-your-face fan service; as rote and perhaps expected as these elements are within the anime medium, it…

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MIKUNOPOLIS At AX 2011: Promise Of Rebirth

  So in the 25-plus years after Megazone 23’s enigmatic virtual idol prototype, Eve Tokimatsuri appeared on the scene inspiring what has become something of…

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Through Older Lenses: Megazone 23 Part One

  Is maturity the bane of otakudom? Can one retain the same love for something years after life has added on the experience, and insight…

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Analog Diaries V: The Social Network

Looking at the bulk of the stories I’ve been sharing on the pages of Diet via my Analog Diaries column, I would be remiss if…

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