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Analog Diaries III: The Path To Legend

The life of a responsible older brother of a hyperactive eleven year-old was practically a full time job by the time the VHS maelstrom was…

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Aya Hirano – leave her alone and just let it be

(Editor’s Note: Thanks to Zone Otaku for some of the information provided, which they found on, uh, Sankaku Complex) I will ask someone to translate…

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Another Stab in the Dark

The San Diego Comic Con has been around for years, but nothing draws in the media like scandal. So it is unsurprising that the media…

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Summer Of The Flesh-Eating Otaku?

And so I finally get off my duff after some expected reminiscing, and whatnot to take a look at what some consider to be two…

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AXでほっちゃん!Hocchan at AX!

ほっちゃん最高!Hocchan was great!

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3 May’N fans from Japan and their goods

We met 3 people from Japan who were purely fans of May’N’s singing (lol) and told us them were not otakus. Well, they would know…

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