How do you say “We want Unit 2” and “M^%^erf*&*er” in German?

From ANN

Eva: 1.0, Afro Samurai to Run in German Film Fest

…Two anime films and a live-action spinoff of a popular manga will be screened in the Focus Asia program of Germany’s Fantasy Filmfest,… After its September 2007 Japanese opening, the new Evangelion movie traveled to film festivals in…

Ray’s take: I think I can imagine the Germans chanting “Asuka! Asuka!” and speaking like SLJ in German…Yeah like I’d actually understand anything if they actually did that. Oh and there was a report in German newspapers that the rate of dying of an unexplained heart attack has gone up tremendous in recent days. I guess this is a prelude to Kira sightings in Germany. XD

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