Kurozuka 10 – Did you guess it, too?

Well, there you go. Her message was “come to the Red Emperor’s Castle to clear up everything.” When I heard that, an alarm bell went off. I mean, it has occurred to me that Kuromitsu is the one behind it all, but many things were indicating that it was not true. like they were being chased; the Onmiyoji wanting to be immortal, crazy scientific experiments…

But one thing really nagged me – how did the Red Emperor people get Kuromitsu’s blood?

Giving that she’s trying to keep her lover living eternally, maybe this is what’s been going on (knowing what I learned from this episode):

1. For many years, she’s harvesting health bodies to keep him alive, but that takes more effort.

2. The Onmiyoji and his organization, which has been around for over 1000 years (assuming Kuro’s memories are at least accurate whenever he dreams of them and the “Onmiyoji” actually exists) has been seeking immortality, and they have learned enough secrets and developed enough technology, therefore –

3. By combining forces with them, maybe Hasegawa the mad scientist can find a way to keep Kuro unbreakable without having to get new bodies, although that’s not really what he wants; he just want to create an ultimate weapon/creature that cannot die; but she gets what she wants, which is being with him forever without having to go through the hassle of getting new bodies. Oh and, so she voluntarily gave them her blood samples. Easy, right? Since she’s been at the Red Emperor’s Castle all along.

4. Perhaps she couldn’t find perfect bodies anymore, hence it made sense to work with the Red Emperor Organization?

Above are just assumptions, assuming that Kuro’s memories are correct and what we’ve been seeing are at least mostly correct, because I wouldn’t be surprised at this stage if the Onmiyoji guy doesn’t really exist at all and Kuromitsu is really behind it all. Here are my questions:

1. Kuon (the clone) sure looks like the blond guy who supposedly turn Kuromitsu into a vampire; according to her, some guy made her into a vamp, and we see from the show that the guy was blond. In that scene when Kuon the clone was on top of her, he really looked like the blond guy. That leads to question 2 –

2. Who does Kuon the clone resemble? Kuro? Hmm…The blond guy? Maybe.

With themes and scene of betrayal being shown over and over again, I’m almost going with the gut feeling that she’s behind it all, somehow, even if Kuro’s memory is correct. Then my last question is –

Why? Why go through all the trouble?

When the entire show is over, I’ll have to watch it from ep 1 straight through to ep 12 and then wait for DVDs to come out and buy them.