American politician says nuke Japan

Sometimes, people hate what they don’t understand. Sometimes, politicians go so far as to demonstrate this hatred on the public record.

State Representative Nickolas Levasseur (D-NH), pictured to the right above, posted to Facebook:

Anime is a prime example of why two nukes just wasn’t enough.

Leaving aside whether or not the Representative personally enjoys anime, this is an elected official joking about deploying atomic weapons on a civilian population simply because he dislikes their TV shows.

Red Hampshire broke the story immediately on the 24th, which is unsurprising given that such an irresponsible statement ought to be no less than political suicide. Major news media followed suit.
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That’s Character: Where Is Kenichi Sonoda?

A continuing feature, giving the podium to one of the anime medium’s truly unsung heroes, the character designers.

Been picking the brain pan heavily lately on what it is that is truly missing in today’s anime sweepstakes. An oversimplified question to a much more complex issue to be true. And while I can also handpick a number of factors that have led us to a near barren wasteland of proto-moe cyborgs, and recycled plotlines(most of which are economic, I can assure you), I can also point to a massive singularity that’s been staring us in the face for years. Something that few have considered, but I have felt imperative to share with all of you now.

A lingering shame that has kept me wondering for years, even as I failed to grasp it at the forefront of my mind.

No Kenichi Sonoda,….anywhere.

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Ultimate Ane-Moé! Yumina Oneechan!


This is a translation of M. LaMoe’s earlier Japanese article. –Mike

Ah, Yumina-oneechan! Ah, how wonderful! How pure and beautiful, graceful, modest, gentle, refined, sweet, humble, with honest poverty, a saint with kindly words, smile, and full of affection! 和顔愛語(The proverb: Kind facial expression, kindly words), she is the embodiment of it. A holy girl of the holy path is picking up a T-shirt of Bosozoku(motorcycle gangsters) who are on the evil path. What fashion sense! Yumina-oneechan, full of humor. LOL.

The Japanese language is dead nowadays, and its phonographs were Chinese character, which are now ideograms. And those are the hierographs of Yumina-oneechan’s religion. Just like Catholics use Latin, Buddhists use Sanskrit. And “Yoroshiku(best regards)” is written in Chinese character phonetically, “夜露死苦(Night, dew, death, pain)”. It’s surprising that these kind of ideograms are still alive, even though they are regarded by some as “sacred letters.”

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Anime Diet Radio Episode 48 – Plagiarize This!

All your artwork are belong to us --Tite Kubo

Full disclosure: Anime Diet Radio was inspired first by the format of the old Anime Nano Podcast…but we can’t say we did what Nick Simmons did to Bleach! Our podcast, unlike his comic, is an homage (pronounced oh-MAHJ) and a tribute of that fine podcast from 2006. That, of course, is one of the topics of the news on this 48th episode of Anime Diet Radio, along with the usual news items about a possible island full of eromanga and a Korean man who just can’t get enough of his dakimakura.

The Roundtable is a little different this time around; due to technical and scheduling conflicts, it’s instead an excerpt of a fruitful conversation between Ray and Mike about the upcoming spring season. The full conversation is also available as a bonus xtra, downloadable on the website–includes all the awkward pauses and scroll wheel sounds you never usually hear on our productions! It’s a raw look at the kind of talks that gave birth to this podcast all those years ago.

You probably noticed that the podcasts have been coming out at about a monthly clip in the middle of the month. That’s on purpose–expect new episodes around this time every month from now on. We are striving to be, as they say, regular in these releases. Yell loudly if we’re late!

Show Order

  • (00:00) – Introduction
  • (03:33) – News 1: A Korean man and his Fate pillow
  • (11:50) – News 2: Eromanga Island is Real
  • (20:37) – News 3: Nick Simmons’ Big Rip Off
  • (30:19) – Mailbag
  • (44:10) – Roundtable: Next Season
  • (55:10) – Conclusion

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Meiya Kadenrou (冥夜花伝廊)” by Minami Kuribayashi (from Katanagatari)
  • –ED: “Refulgence” by Shoujobyo (from Katanagatari)
  • –The story about the Korean man and his Fate pillow was reported in multiple sources. Here’s one from Metro UK, which names the lucky groom as one Lee Jin-gyu []. Sankaku Complex has more pictures (NSFW) [].
  • –This, of course, recalls previous ADR episodes about the guy who married a Love Plus character [], and our epic episode about the petition to marry 2d women []. See also our article which first broke the Love Plus marriage story and predicted it would become an ADR item.
  • –Eromanga Island is real! At least according to the news at Pink Tentacle [], which supplies a map to prove it.
  • –The Nick Simmons scandal has been widely reported from many sources. See some comparison shots on a lengthy Livejournal page []. ANN has Simmons’ statement [] and an explanatory story []. Our own moritheil also reported on it on our site [], to much comment.
  • –The game site that is doing a contest to propose a Western-friendly romance game is Gamasutra. Here’s their challenge [], whose results will be posted on Tuesday.
  • –Ray and I used Borderline Hikkikomori’s [] and THAT Anime Blog’s [] spring season previews for our discussion. Props to y’all.

Bridging The Gap: The Spectre Of Beautiful Death

And to the faithful, death the gate of life. - John Milton
And to the faithful, death the gate of life. - John Milton

WARNING: This spiel contains potential spoilers for Superdimension Fortress Macross, as well as IDEON.

Okay. Fess up time. I love brevity in storytelling. Some creations go on far too long for my taste, despite the public’s often endless rabble-rousing for more. There’s just something to me that speaks greater volumes by leaving the viewer/reader with the faintest hint of more outside the page/frame. More often than not, the delivery of more tends to leave me disapointed, and more convinced that things would have been better off left behind, while new mythologies formed. That said, I am a big fan of when characters exit in the most dramatic way possible. That’s right. I love it when characters die. And die well. Call it sadistic, call it what you will. There’s just no way to describe the value of a good, wrenching character exit to throw the protagonists’ future into greater uncertainty.

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Objects in Japanese Pop Culture

The recent theft of costumes and props from an AKB48 set highlights an interesting behavioral pattern. Viewed in a harsh light, it might be seen as a kind of voodoo, a ritual shamanism: obtaining relics of important people so as to be nearer to them and draw upon their power.

Mainichi Japan concludes its article on the incident with a tell-tale quote: “We intended to sell the items after getting tired of looking at them.” At once the frivolity of the exercise is laid bare: having no practical use for girls’ clothing or specially made signboards, all the boys really could do is look at the objects.

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First Look Fair: Final Fantasy XIII

Why am I talking about this game on this website? Well, as I wrote previously, Final Fantasy VII played a large role in getting me into the anime scene. The JRPG, especially the Final Fantasy series, is an integral part of otakudom. Plus, I’ve been waiting for this game for months and haven’t been excited to play something for a long time. So I felt it was appropriate to write about this, the first new FF on a new platform, and see how the first few hours stack up thus far.

This article is, by the way, spoiler-free. Enjoy!

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Tsundere Banana 03102010 – Got Ass?

Show notes:

Losers of the week:

Funimation putting out censored DVDs for Vampire Bund – they’re afraid of their corporate asses get hauled in jail. But in any event, a light loser rating from me because I can understand the cause of making money.

College Students protesting about cutting in funding:

Some women in New Jersey got caulk injection in the butt for rear enhancement

Winners of the Week:

Anime Expo – invited key people such as Nabeshin and Asakawa Yuu – they’re making inroads but with a corporate guy running everything, I’m giving it a light winner rating.

Funimation – streaming Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (AKA Baka and Test — Summon the Beasts) – great choice.

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach – fun and great for chilling, even chilling in the green room, which I’ve never been!

Warning: crass caulk jokes and bad accents

Working! My First impression

I read the 4-coma and I found it quite funny. Maybe it’s the concept of a wacky family restaurant, maybe it’s just everything is just so out of ordinary when presented in manga form. The characters are interesting and the quick delivery of the punchline really works for me. In other words, short and sweet.

I was mildly amused by the pre-run episode because they set up the atmosphere in such a relaxing way, which made me less in a mood to laugh. Frankly, I got bored. I had a hard time laughing like when I read the manga. Somehow, with so much more detail in front of me, I was unable to laugh out a loud. I’ve seen funnier anime in many places and this one gets a smile out of me but nothing more. Maybe it’s because I know all the punchlines from the manga, but even with that, this one was a mildly amusing experience at best.

Oh, and it’s pace is slow, even for an ordinary-life-based comedy show. The music doesn’t help, after all.