Anime Diet @ Otakon 2009

In the early days of Anime Diet, our illustrious founder Mike covered every Otakon personally. With a heavy con load this year, it has fallen to newer writers to step up and cover Otakon 2009!


It may seem a little early to be speaking of this July con, but some folks have been preparing since last August! I leave you with these classic words, “The flag has been planted, and world domination will surely follow! Look forward to our coverage.”


K-On’s influence is vast.  Here are some items that K-On! has sold:

Mio gets kickbacks for selling headphones

Headphones (English link)
Cell phones
Bass guitars
Hot plates

That’s in addition to the actual products associated with the series: CDs, figurines, manga, and of course dakimakura.

Given that overall Japanese retail sales fell 2.9 percent in April, will the boost from popular anime be enough to effect a turnaround?  Prime Minister Taro “Rozen” Aso, criticized as a “manga brain,” thinks so.  His “Japan Cool” campaign, whose stated aim is to leverage the popularity of anime and manga as Japan’s “Soft Power,” continues to be the focus of government efforts under his regime.  Ultimately, time will tell if he’s right.

Anime Diet Radio Episode 36 – The Revenge of the Krauser


Your thoughts have summoned him from hell! Anime Diet’s own hellspawn, Johannes Krauser III, makes an inglorious reappearance on Anime Diet Radio, as we talk about the Detroit Metal City live action movie, respond to your, uh, critiques, and talk about the usual strange news items about the PM’s anime museum, the legs of a Gundam, and “boy ranches” for Japanese women.

As if that weren’t enough, Krauser’s appearance shook the earth!This episode was recorded in the midst of LA’s 4.7 earthquake…and we have the sounds to prove it, as Jeremy (“from Redondo Beach”) lived close to the center of it all. Hear his things tumble and clatter to the ground! See our outtakes file, which also includes a discussion of Swedish pop and Norwegian wood. Har har har!

Show Order

  • –(00:00-03:40) Intro
  • –(03:41-11:20) News 1: National Anime Museum
  • –(11:21-18:10) News 2: Gundam Legs
  • –(18:11-28:22) News 3: Boy Ranch for Women
  • –(28:23-42:35) Mailbag with Krauser
  • –(42:36-54:19) Roundtable: DMC Movie
  • –(54:20-end) Conclusion

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Cagayake! GIRLS” (OP to K-ON!)
  • –ED: “SATSUGAI,” by Detroit Metal City
  • The original story about the PM’s plan to open a museum can be found at Anime News Network [].
  • Sankaku Complex has both the story about the Gundam legs [] and the boy ranch []. Danny Choo took excellent pictures of the Gundam legs, too. []

On Kannagi and Virginity

For those of you who missed it, there was a big to-do at the close of 2008 over the fact that Nagi of Kannagi might not be “pure.”

Not a vampire.

It’s fascinating to me how so much of the international anime community took the Western perspective and applied it as if it ought to be universal.  Sankaku Complex was flooded with hate in the stories it ran. Darkmirage’s popular take on the subject garnered forty comments and not one mentioned how cultural expectations of women are different in Japan vs. in the West. There was not one reference to Yamamoto Nadeshiko, that ideal of self-sacrificing femininity that was inculcated in the Japanese in WWII and whose specter still discourages modern Japanese women from marrying.

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How do you like your Touhou?

Christmas, now with 100% more Gensyoko Girls!

Fans of the definitive danmaku (bullet hell) game by ZUN have been working Touhou characters in everywhere.  For all their efforts, however, ExitJMouse may have trumped them. He used Moemon – a reworking of Pokemon with loli monsters – to create his very own stable of Touhou girls!

It’s a little old, truthfully, but with the recent surge of interest in Touhou due to anime, MADs, and appearances in ISML, now is a perfect time to showcase another Touhou-related curiosity.

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Strike Witches: The Evil Without

In our roundtable discussion on whether or not anime is art, Ray brought up an excellent point about that infamous scifi-fantasy-loli-pantsu fanservice vehicle, Strike Witches.  To wit, though the show has actual fodder for intellectual discussion, the mere fact that it shows school girls in a permanent pantyshot state renders this moot for the vast majority of viewers.  You cannot rehabilitate such a thing, the argument goes.  No amount of light will overpower this darkness.

Gaze into the abyss!

Nevertheless, with licensing confirmed for S1 and a second season reportedly on the way, an attempt should be made to see just what is good about this show.  And so, with both eyes open – fully cognizant of the anti-intellectual properties of the show – let us try to find some spark of creativity inside.

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Anime Diet Radio Episode 35 – I Need To See Your Johnny


Well–this is the special, raw, and extra long sitcom edition of Anime Diet Radio, in which we discuss Johnnies of all kinds: and not just the one mentioned in our roundtable topic, that memorable show Eden of the East! For one, there’s a news story about a real Negishi-like pop star with a Johnny-shaped haircut; another one about an anime exercise video that might strengthen your Johnny muscles along with your legs and your arms; and finally, one where a random stranger wants to blow the birthplace of Lucky Star to bits with a bomb.

This episode was edited by Ray, our illustrious co-founder, as I didn’t have the time or energy to do anything other than write these show notes as I always do. All props go to him for lightening my load this week! He would like to mention that this episode is “best listened when drunk and even better stoned.” Perhaps those of you who care to do just that can fill in this nice, innocent, seminary student about what that experience is like? :)

Errata: since the recording of this podcast, we’ve learned that the pop star in question in News Item 3–Hideki Kaji–is in fact the one who sings Negishi’s song in Detroit Metal City and is definitely the basis for that character. That’s thanks to an ANN article we somehow missed as we checked that story out. Also, in a fit of liberal arts majorness* at the end of the Introduction, I proclaim that this was episode 34 when, in fact, it is episode 35. I’m just in denial about this podcast’s age, I guess.

Show Order
–(00:00-04:48) Introduction
–(04:49-12:11) News 1: The Lucky Star Terrorist
–(12:12-20:37) News 2: Training with Hinako
–(20:38-29:30) News 3: Pineapple Negishi Man Beat Up in the Home of Swedish Pop
–(29:31-43:13) Mailbag
–(43:14-62:29) Roundtable: Eden of the East
–(62:30-end) Conclusion

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Falling Down,” by Oasis (OP to Eden of the East.
  • –ED: “Futuristic Imagination,” by School Food Punishment (ED to Eden of the East
  • –The story about the Lucky Star terrorist is at Anime News Network [].
  • –The story about Training with Hinako is at Sankaku Complex. []. And you can watch it all over the place…
  • –The story about “Negishi,” in its fullest form, is at Anime News Network []. You can watch a video of him here on Youtube, penis haircut and all [].

*I have an English literature degree, people. Stop the hate mail. I totally relate to this song…[]