Shojo Mojito: Haruhi Hurricane

Waaaaah! Sorry this week’s a day late, I was out of town and completely spaced. Anyways enjoy the Haruhi Hurricane inspired by of course, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Remember to drink responsibly and be careful in your drunken shenanigans!

Edit: I totally forgot to add that I did a Hurricane drink because of Gustav. Good luck to everyone who’s having to brave the storm and stay safe!

What is Shojo Mojito?
Every Friday (unless a horrendous hang-over strikes) I’ll be bringing you delcious drink recipes starring bishi boys and georgous girls from old and new shojo series! (or series that come close!)

Queer Eye for the Straight Voltron??? Uh…

From ANN

Report: Max Makowski to Helm Voltron LIve-Action Film

…set to direct the upcoming live-action adaptation of Voltron series, which aired in North America from…directed episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy…

Ray’s take: so, the guy who directed some episodes for Queer Eye is going to direct Live-Action Voltron…Well…I wonder what Carson would say about Golion/Voltron members’ uniforms and hairdos…Should I really say more on this? Oh and he’s going to direct a movie adaptation of the Kung-fu show with the REALLY TRULY OH-MY-GOD-IT’S-SO-FAKE-CHINESE-GUY-SHOW…AHEM AHEM, I mean, “Kung-Fu the TV series”. Wow, sounds fun. Let’s line up for the tickets to the premiere!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or not. I think about that concept and I puke. Well, that’s just me. But directing Voltron? That may be interesting after all. A cameo of the Fab 5 picking the lives of the pilots apart for absolute lack of fashion sense or simply living sense would be gold.

Update: Check out this interesting Wiki entry about Max Makowski’s Indie work. Thanks, Gerald!

Strike Witches 8, 9 – Well, at least it’s trying…

And with Tanaka Rie’s performance, it just look so much better.

(I’ve been doing summary, but there are other blogs that review raw, so go look them up. I ain’t gonna waste my time for no reward.)

In any event, the high ups in the military is hiding something about the neoroids, and at this point, it’s quite clear that these may be just alien creatures trying to reach out to people, or even have something to do with the existence of witches.

What’s commendable is Tanaka Rie’s performance as Mina. She’s strong and together on the outside and vulnerable on the inside with a great range of emotions. She makes a silly moe show sounding like a serious drama.

Miyafuji discovers that the “enemy” may not be so enemy like after all, but like any classic drama shows, her comrades clearly don’t think that way.

However, it is obvious that the higher ups in the military knows something about these supposedly savages that these poor girls don’t.

Perhaps the humans attacked them first? That’d be an old plot, but it’s probable.

I obviously don’t recommend this show to sensitive people who hates moe with a passion, but for people who are open minded and love great seiyuu performance, I definitely recommend episodes 8 and 9.

Rie-sama, sugoi!

Otaku Gangsta? Yeah right.

From ANN

Murakami’s Video for Kaye West Song is iTune #1

…hip hop artist Kanye West…” music video directed by artist/animator Takashi Murakami has #1…

Ray’s take: without embarrassing myself and doing a god awful imitation of gangster rap for your entertainment, let’s just say that yeah, even animated stuff can be cool in other ways.


Wat up, G.

It sumpin’, hell ya.



I rapped. Huh huh huh huh huh…

The ‘louch is loose!

From ANN

Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, August 21–27

1 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 #1 August 22 Bandai Visual

(See the rest of the chart at ANN)

Ray’s take: so fanboys AND fangirls come out at full force to support the ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! ‘louch! —

That’s what happens at a college Otaku frat party in the middle of the Lelouch drinking game, right?????? XD I wanna start my own genshiken, hey, at least we get women and lots of ’em. Eat your hearts out, Trekkies!

Looking at the chart, Junjou Romantica is at No.3, so the fangirls are out in legions. Damned scary. Lucky I was never dragged to the Otome no Road by my girlfriend, and I never had to deal with yaoi, mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha…

Oh, I never had a girlfriend…Whatever, the ‘louch is definitely loose out there in the Otaku world! Even jocks got converted into believers, just ask one of our staff members!

Otakon 2008 Video Diary – Saturday (Finally!)

At last, the belated Otakon 2008 video diary–starring special East Coast correspondent Sally–is online! The audio is not quite the greatest because all the footage was taken with a still camera’s video function (the only equipment we had on hand) though I have tried my best to fix it as much as possible. (Guiding subtitles have been added at times.) This mostly just consisted of interviews with cosplayers, one of our staple features, and some highlights from the Masquerade in the evening.

Saturday, unfortunately, was the only day we could get footage, so this is the whole thing. Next year, though…just wait. We’ve got big plans for our con coverage in 2009 which I will announce when it’s ready. See you then!

Two Male “Best Friends” and their female friend, “yeah right”, said the fujoshi.

From ANN

Lau Wan Kit’s Feel 100% Wins 2nd Int’l Manga Award

…the winner and runners-up of its Second International Manga Awards on Tuesday. Hong Kong’s…

Ray’s take: yeah right, “male best friends”, like these 2 aren’t gay after all, I mean, in my superior (oh ho ho ho ho ho) American sensibility, I can see that the dark hair is the uke and the light hair is the seme, I mean, gosh, I’m not even a fujoshi and it’s clear as day, I mean, gosh even the title “Feel 100%” is just so suggestive…

Oh shit, now why did hell did I think about that? NOOOO!!!!!!!!! I’ve been tainted bythe power of the Fujoshi Side!!!! AHHHH!!!! I’ve…got…to…cleanse myself!

(Starting a marathon of Aika, Najica, Strike Witches and Rosario to Vampire and dashing to the shower afterwards!)

P.S. I’m sorry, but I just can’t resist this one – “43-year-old Lee Chi Ching, won the first International Manga Award last year…” – CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING! CHI CHING!

Boy, that was really mean. But I’m Chinese American (Taiwanese American), so I can say that, right? Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(If you’ve been taking me seriously you need to relax and take a long vacation somewhere.)

Mad Iron Man and Wolverine

From ANN

Iron Man, Wolverine in Marvel, Madhouse’s 1st TV Anime

…American comic book publisher…press release on its four-series collaboration with the Japanese animation company Madhouse, and the release confirms that the first series will premiere in Japan in Spring of 2010…

Ray’s take: I really know nothing about Iron Man, but if Madhouse is doing Wolverine, then the fighting sequence will be awesome. Go Madhouse (I got a signature from one of their staff members for something, of course I”m cheering them on, right?).

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Yakushiji Ryōko no Kaiki Jikenbo/Ryoko’s Case Files 08 – Even a queen needs to remember her most loyal subject loves her


Another day, another case of urban legend.

In recent days, one of the city blocks in the city has become the place for suicide and Ryoko’s former university study mate-turned-sort-of-rival Yukiko decides to investigate it because a former classmate of hers and Ryoko’s took her own life. Seemingly uncaring, Ryoko starts her own investigation and discovers a scheme of jealousy and overtly vein ambition…

Continue reading Yakushiji Ryōko no Kaiki Jikenbo/Ryoko’s Case Files 08 – Even a queen needs to remember her most loyal subject loves her

What, are they pulling Section 9 off the case?

From ANN

Japan Aims for Copyright-Relaxed ‘Special Cyber Zones

…is aiming to establish “special cyber zones”…Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda’s Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters proposed a…

Ray’s take: All right, curse me for being lazy but I know very little about special economic zones and I ain’t gonna look it up. All I know is that this sounds like another idea that’s going to be taken over by few Japanese and maybe American conglomerates. No good for me. I like Fukuda’s idea (what, good idea from someone who’s not a cutting-edge animation download specialist) better.

Oh wait, Section 9 is going to have monitoring and cyber assassination duties, I guess, for music/movie/anime spies and grand theft anime crimes in cyber space. They’ll never be off the case, so be warned…

Yes, I’m sure all the fan boys were thinking about huge guys on Harleys…

From ANN

Hells Angels Anime to Premiere in October in Japan

The animecs TIFF program at the Tokyo International Film Festival announced…

Ray’s take:…NOT! Thank god almighty. I shuddered at the thought and I smacked myself 10000 times within 2 seconds using the speed of Goku in DBZ and Ken in Fist of the North Star to get rid of that disgusting image. Anyway, thank god it looks like more girls in sailor uniforms fighting evil or some similar shit like that. Excellent!

P.S. Read the plot and I said: “OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED EXCEL! You bastards!” Now if the girl turns into a female spawn, I’d be delighted.