Strike Witches 8, 9 – Well, at least it’s trying…

And with Tanaka Rie’s performance, it just look so much better.

(I’ve been doing summary, but there are other blogs that review raw, so go look them up. I ain’t gonna waste my time for no reward.)

In any event, the high ups in the military is hiding something about the neoroids, and at this point, it’s quite clear that these may be just alien creatures trying to reach out to people, or even have something to do with the existence of witches.

What’s commendable is Tanaka Rie’s performance as Mina. She’s strong and together on the outside and vulnerable on the inside with a great range of emotions. She makes a silly moe show sounding like a serious drama.

Miyafuji discovers that the “enemy” may not be so enemy like after all, but like any classic drama shows, her comrades clearly don’t think that way.

However, it is obvious that the higher ups in the military knows something about these supposedly savages that these poor girls don’t.

Perhaps the humans attacked them first? That’d be an old plot, but it’s probable.

I obviously don’t recommend this show to sensitive people who hates moe with a passion, but for people who are open minded and love great seiyuu performance, I definitely recommend episodes 8 and 9.

Rie-sama, sugoi!

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