School Days Cast Interview: Holding Back

Left to right: Kotonoha, Makoto, and Sekai

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I suppose we can fire one more salvo at the dead corpse of this show, eh? I just saw that the 6.5 minute cast interview, featuring the seiyuu for Makoto, Sekai, and Kotonoha, was translated. Do we learn anything new or insightful about the show? No. If anything, the voice actors hold back any sense of how the show really ends up, a sordid little mess; like the show’s beginning, it’s sold as an innocent school romance.

But sooner or later, the truth emerges, as you know it will.

If even your voice actor has contempt for you…

Cutting to the chase.

Sekai’s seiyuu characterizes her as a “childhood friend,” which is actually technically untrue; Sekai and Makoto hardly know each other prior to the show’s start. However, it is true that she is in the role usually arrogated to the childhood friend: loud, boisterous, tsundere, and shafted. Big time. BIIIG TIIIME.

Of course, the question we really want answered is this.

Drumroll please…



Better last words have never been spoken.

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4 thoughts on “School Days Cast Interview: Holding Back

  1. My impressions while watching this were of kids trying to hide a huge joke from the grown-ups. Perhaps knowing that their characters go berserk on each other helped. A lot.

  2. I feel bad for Makoto. Think about it. He wanted a normal happy and loving relationship at first with one girl, Katsura. What happened? Sekai came along and kissed him then led him on twards liking her too. At the beginning he had no attraction to Sekai, but when she gave him “lessons” that was her actually suducing him, which made him want more. But at every part he still loved Katsura, which is why he could not break things off with her. He wanted to be with her. But Sekai lied to her and his friends, ruining this. He friends made Makoto do things like they controlled his life from then on. Her friends dragged him to Sekai and away from Katsura. They were mean to Katsura and stole Makoto’s cell phone and blocked her from contacting him. What did Makoto really do that was so bad? He did two time, and cheat, but would it have happened if Sekai didn’t seduce him then fall for him? No, it wouldn’t of happened. He just wanted to be with one girl and love her, who was Katsura.And even at the end of the anime, he tries to make things right again and goes bck to only Katsura. Sekai comes back and starts being a pest and bothering the two. Then she lies about being pregnant, but Makoto was strong about this “fact” and knew he loved Katsura in his heart and stayed with her. Katsura recommended a doctor for an abortion, but Sekai didn’t need this or to even have the child. Why? Well if you watched or payed any attention to the anime you would know by now she was never really pregnant. She lied about that too to get Makoto’s attention and try to get him away from Katsura. Some “friend” she really is, to any of them. She lied to Makoto, Katsura, and all of her own friends. I had no problem with her dying at the end. But Makoto, I mean it made the anime great still but it was just so sad. He was trying to make things right between them all and possilby to stay only friends with Sekai, but she was the one wanting more than she could take. She wanted him all to herself, it was her fault all along with everything that happened. He just wanted to be with Katsura and she ruined that too. I feel bad for him.

  3. i no what your saying i felt it to at the end of the anime man pore gay makoto man i hope that dosent happen to me…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. School Days as an Anime is considered one of the worst Anime in existence by “Society.” in all honesty, it’s my favorite Anime hell my favorite H-game series at that. Now before anyone jumps the gun and starts trolling like most childish people would do just because I’m expressing my opinion. Hear me out, I’m the type of person who avoids getting into mainstream anime. School Days, which is considered the worst anime (maybe of all time) has thinks that i like in an Anime good music, Cute girls, and a Protagonist that I can relate with. It’s not perfect bad camera angles the plot going a little too fast. and obviously the killing of a protagonist is generally something i dislike in any story. Now while Makoto Itou maybe considered the worst Harem Protagonist of all time. I think he’s actually pretty good because of the think that most other Harem protagonist’s lack. While characters like Issei Hyoudou from Highschool DxD have a Harem. He does not actually have sex with every single girl in his harem. Makoto Itou, on the other hand not only has sex with every girl in his Harem he even has sex with three girls outside his harem. Those being the three bullies. if we’re going strictly based on the anime that is.

    Now in the Games which is probably the Better product of School Days in my opinion. Sense you can end with good endings i feel it makes the series more enjoyable. now before someone gets into morals and rules and the usual crap i hear from most people. Ask yourself this, why’d they pick the Bloody ending for the show instead of a good one? My guess to teach a lesson about how it’s not good to cheat. But my opinion still stands. Not only is Makoto Itou a decent harem protagonist. But, School Days is actually a good show if people don’t like it and I’m the only one that’s fine. Just remember to look at it from an H-game perspective instead of an Anime perspective. But, also look at it from a big open stand point not a closed minded one that’s ruled by rules and morals.

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