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Persona: Trinity Soul–the awesomest title EVAR



Warning: this is where the stuff I do and think about the rest of the day–Christian theology–breaks out. Big time. Stop here if you are not interested in some heavy duty systematic theology!

As a theologian-in-training, let me just say I applaud, praise, and adore the creators of this anime for creating such a theologically literate title. Every single word has deep, meaningful roots in the history of the doctrine of the Trinity and the Augustinian view of humanity as reflecting the Trinity. Let me explain.

Now, my understanding of this anime is that it’s about three brothers who are trying to solve mysteries and fight demons with their “persona” spirits. What does that have to do with the doctrine of the Trinity? Not much, if anything probably. But I just thought that title was immensely clever and deserved unpacking.

This theological moment is brought to you by Michael Huang. Because theologians can’t resist the opportunity to bloviate with Greek and Latin terms!  

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