Goblin Slayer Exclusive: The Unearthed Anime Expo 2018 Panel


In July 2018, a select group of fans was privileged to be part of an intimate “Goblin Slayer” panel at Anime Expo. The discussion, led by its creator, Kumo Kagyu, and hosted by Joey ‘The Anime Man’, was limited seating so that many were turned away, left yearning for the insights shared within.

While no video or photography was allowed, ensuring the event’s discussions remained shrouded in mystery, the true depth of that day’s conversation has remained untold — until now.

Through a fortuitous twist, we’ve uncovered an audio recording from that day, believed to have been lost forever. As fans eagerly await the “GOBLIN SLAYER Season 2” premiere on Crunchyroll, set to air on October 6th, 2023, at 6:30am Pacific Time, we’re excited to announce that the complete transcript from this exclusive event can be found only here, on Anime Diet. Dive in and experience a piece of anime history that no other platform offers.

Following a promotional segment by the panel sponsor, Bookwalker, the panel officially commenced.

Transcript of Goblin Slayer Panel Anime Expo 2018

Joey the Anime Man 04:30
I’m glad you guys can all make it. Very exciting stuff. Some wall first stuff. You guys are about to experience. But as said before, we want to respect everybody’s privacy. So I know it’s really hard to follow the rules, but no video, no photography.

Joey the Anime Man 04:46
If I see you guys with a camera, I will personally come and kick your ass.

Joey the Anime Man 04:51
We’ll eject you.

Joey the Anime Man 06:00
So a few months ago when it came out, when it was first released. That was the first or the old promo video for the Goblin Slayer. But let’s go ahead and introduce the panel. Yes, because that’s who you’re all here for.

Joey the Anime Man 06:16
Alright, so first I would like to introduce the band of the story, the brains behind the Goblin Slayer series, Kagyu Kumo sensei. (applause) Thank you. And our second guest is the SB Creative Core producer, Seiji Miyazaki.

Joey the Anime Man 07:01
Welcome everybody. So just a quick little recap of the people, if you don’t know. Seiji Miyazaki -san in the middle there is the SB Creative Core producer. He’s recently worked on the Goblin Slayer anime series.

Joey the Anime Man 07:14
He’s also worked on Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, The Ryuo’s Work Is Never Done! A lot of like pretty good recent stuff. And the guest of honor, thats not me. (audience laughter) That’s me if you don’t know, (points to a table sign) but I’ve already got my introduction so it’s fine.

Joey the Anime Man 07:29
This gentleman right here, Kagyu Kumo -san. (applause) So I recently won the great honor of interviewing Kagyu sensei for a video. I don’t know how many of you I saw. So he started with the inspirations like Dungeons & Dragons, Shadow Run, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Conan the Barbarian, all that good stuff.

Joey the Anime Man 08:03
And how many hands up if you’re just kind of here, it’s like a plus one and you don’t actually know what Golden Slayer is about. I figured that there would be a few. So for all of you guys, let me just say a quick, very briefly recap.

Joey the Anime Man 08:18
Because 95% of you know what it’s about. So it’s basically, literally, about a story of a man who only kills goblins. He’s not a hero, he’s just a guy who kills goblins. And that’s it. And this is the main characters, as you can see, very creative names. (audience laughter)

Joey the Anime Man 08:42
But they’re all great. I had the chance to read the first couple volumes online of the book and it is like, honestly, the lack of names is needed for you because the story is so intense.

Joey the Anime Man 08:57
But to do a little ad, you guys can get the Light Normal series. It is available on Book Walker. So go check that out. And not to mention, if you’re not a Light Normal reader, then there is also the manga version. (audience applause)

Joey the Anime Man 09:10
Including some of the spin-offs. There’s two spin-off series right there. And that as well is also available on Book Walker. But basically the reason why we were able to even do a panel and get Kagyu sensei here is because it’s over a two million copies sold.  (applause)

Joey the Anime Man 09:36
Massive achievement and because of that massive achievement, we were able to get this. (applause) So just to go over some of the mid pinky stuff in case any of you are interested in that kind of stuff. So anime production done by White Fox.

Joey the Anime Man 10:08
They did Steins Gate. They did Re: Zero. A lot of great series. The director. Ozaki Takaharu . He was the director of Shōjo Shūmatsu Ryokō.

Joey the Anime Man 10:26
And these fellow script writers there Kurata Hideyuki san and Kuroda Yosuke san are the screenwriters for Hellsing. (applause) You guys think that personally, you know that the story on this is going to be absolutely perfect with people like this taking care of it. So that’s hype.

Joey the Anime Man 10:45
But we also have the cast of voice actors right here. Just briefly going through. So, Umehara Yūichirō. We call him Slayer. He played Goro in Darling and the Franxx.  Ogura Yui, she did Tsukiko from HenNeko.

Joey the Anime Man 11:01
Toyama Nao -san was Chitoge from Nisekoi. Cowgirl, Iguchi Yuka was Index from the Toaru series. Uchida Maaya is Rika from Chunibyou. Nakamura Yuichi is Gray from Fairy Tale,  Sugita Tomokazu, I’m sure all of you know..(applause).

Joey the Anime Man 11:24
Hikasa Yōko is also big one. She did Mio from K-On. And Matsuoka Yoshitsugu  -san. He did Kirito, he did Belle, and Vash. Three characters.  (applause)

Joey the Anime Man 11:46
Just for you guys because you guys did manage to all fit into this tiny little room. We have some new TV and this is stuff that not even Kaguyo Sensei has seen. So this is a first for everybody here. The White Fox people like they pulled in clutch. They brought this stuff like last week So this is fresh off the table. First one we can be checking out two things here first one is key art. So basically, since it was like this is gonna be the first time for you watching this. What do you feel about the key art reveal that you are also a part of?

Joey the Anime Man 12:36
It’s like I don’t think this is how they treat creators. Thank you for speaking you should be the first one to see  this. The fact that they hid it from you until today is a bit strange.  But are you excited to check out the key art? He’s like if possible he wanted to see a little bit of it. (laughter) But here we go here is first look at the key art (applause). You are kind of straining your neck. But the second big news which is again a world premiere.  You guys watched the first part a few months ago, yeah? Remember White Fox absolutely clutch this they bought this like they rushed it to get it out Well, they didn’t rush it, but they worked their ass off to get it out for you guys. So we want to hear a little bit of hype, all right? (applause)

Joey the Anime Man 14:17
This is the world premiere of the new Goblin Slayer PV. (applause)

Goblin Slayer Office PV released 2018

Audience 16:06
(large applause from the audience)

Joey the Anime Man 16:07
Let’s say that was also the first time for me watching that. That was pretty hype.. No, not really. But yeah, let’s ask the panelists what they thought of it.

Kumo Kagyuu 16:18
(Kagyu Kumo  speaking in Japanese)

Translator 16:26
He’s like, my one regret is that I really had to strain my neck to watch it.  (He had to turn upwards from his position at the panelist table to see the screen behind him). I probably should have gone over there to towards you guys. He’s like, why is the creator a injuring himself like this?

Joey the Anime Man 17:00
Okay, so the reason why Kagyu san hasn’t seen it until right now is because the folks over at White Fox actually made this PV for this panel. Like, this hasn’t been released in Japan yet. This is the first time that this has been seen.

Joey the Anime Man 17:24
They had to rush the PV to make it for you guys for the world premiere, that’s why Kagyu sensei hasn’t seen it yet. Well, I don’t think he’s happy about that. (laugher) But let me just go over just a very quick comment.

Joey the Anime Man 17:39
We have a comment from the director of the series. So he says, this man is neither blessed with supernatural abilities, nor hero who has awakened into his powers. He’s a professional fighter who uses the experience he accumulated along the as his weapon.

Joey the Anime Man 17:50
Goblin Slayer’s charm lies in the depiction of a realistic and brutal fights that you can’t find in any other place. (applause) So, the anime is coming out. (applause) And I just heard actually that around in October when this comes out on Japanese TV, it is also going to be streaming legally on some site.

Joey the Anime Man 18:26
But it will be basically an international release. (applause)  Alright, so without further ado, we’re going to have some pretty submitted questions here from you guys on Twitter, you guys at AX who asked a bunch of questions.

Joey the Anime Man 18:50
So, you’re going to do a Q &A? Yeah. So, here’s the guy. So, the first question I want to ask, according to this piece of paper, is what was your initial thoughts when Goblin Slayer was green-lit for an anime adaptation?

Kumo Kagyuu 19:07
(Kagyu Kumo  speaking in Japanese)

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 19:20
So he’s like… I’ve always had this feeling ever since my book got published at all, but he’s just waiting for that one morning where he wakes up in a hospital bed. He’s like this has to be some kind of fever dream in a hospital.

Audience 19:35

Kumo Kagyuu 19:35
(Speaking in Japanese)

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 19:44
Either that or he’ll wake up in front of his laptop having nothing written.

Audience 19:47

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 19:48
That’s great that there’s not a Goblin Slayer anime or anything…

Joey the Anime Man 19:51
 That’s awesome.

Joey the Anime Man 19:56
So next question I got here is how much would the anime cover from the title series and will all of Goblin Slayer get animated?

Kumo Kagyuu 20:02
(Speaking in Japanese)

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 20:12
It’s a secret…

Joey the Anime Man 20:24
Okay, so he can’t say in full detail right now, it’s still secret, but the fact that he has sat in with the director, you know, with every episode, he said, I think you guys will enjoy it.

Audience 20:35

Joey the Anime Man 20:37
I don’t think there will be any disappointment.

Audience 20:38
Continued applause

Joey the Anime Man 20:41
Good to hear. 

Joey the Anime Man 20:41
Alright, so the next question I’ve got here is, since Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy novel with many extremely gruesome areas (and there are). Like, for those of you who read the light novels or read the manga, like, YA’ KNOW. How much of it will be censored? And will it affect the take on the original series of the novels? Because we read it that probably one time.

Kumo Kagyuu 21:06
Speaking in Japanese

Joey the Anime Man 21:25
So considering that he just watched the new PV with you guys, like five minutes ago. Visually he doesn’t know yet, but the fact that he has sat down with the screenwriters and everything and seen what Parts are going to be covered in the series.

Joey the Anime Man 21:40
He said I don’t think you have to worry about it too much. And that PV played was pretty blatant violent, so I think we’ll be okay.  Which is good.

Joey the Anime Man 21:55
Alright, so next question I have you is do you have any fears about how people will react to the anime? Because we can be hyper critical if we want to be.

Kumo Kagyuu 22:05
(Speaking in Japanese)

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 22:16
If anything, he’s always worried every time he releases a new volume about what people are going to think. But judging from the reaction that you guys just gave just after the PV, I think he’s not worried at all.

Audience 22:23

Joey the Anime Man 22:32
So the next question here is kind of going back to the roots. So when working with Kannatuki-san or when Kurose-san for the manga (Kannatuki-san is the artist for the Goblin Slayer light novel). Did you have any specific requests on how certain characters looked or how certain events were drawn?

Kumo Kagyuu 22:55
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 23:00
So he’s like, basically it’s just every time I see what the artists have drawn up for me, I’m just going, yay!

Audience 23:05

Joey the Anime Man 23:14
That’s nice.

Joey the Anime Man 23:15
Alright, so question 6 here. What inspired Goblin Slayers armor?

Kumo Kagyuu 23:34
Speaking in Japanese

Joey the Anime Man 23:42
So as he said in the previous question, he’s leaving all the visual designs to come up with and say, but the image that he brought up himself that he wanted to see was, if I was playing the Dungeons and Dragons (for example) and I was out taking on goblins, what would I want to look like? And that’s basically what Goblin Slayer is.

Audience 24:02

Joey the Anime Man 24:02
Yeah.. That’s cool. That’s very cool.

Joey the Anime Man 24:06
So with that being said, and this is a question I’m sure you guys want to know the answer to, because I want to know the answers, many people think that Goblin Slayer is similar to Dark Souls.

Audience 24:16
Audience erupts in cheers and applause as Kagyuu-san shows of his Sun Bros Parody shirt (Dark Souls – Praise the Sun)

Kumo Kagyuu 24:50
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 25:12
When he was first starting to write Goblin Slayer, there wasn’t that much of an influence like early in the stages, but the folks who created Dark Souls from software, they were inspired by a book called, what was it?

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 25:24
Sorcery! Which happens to also be a huge influence on Kagyuu Sensei. So it’s not so much that he took inspiration from Dark Souls, it’s that from software, the creators of Dark Souls and Kagyuu Sensei took inspiration from the same thing. So that’s probably why it seems kinda familiar.

Audience 25:40

Joey the Anime Man 25:40
Alright, cool cool. So, next question, very simple, how long do you plan to make this series?

Kumo Kagyuu 25:40
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 25:40
So as long as they let him write, he’ll keep writing.

Audience 25:40

Joey the Anime Man 26:14
Okay, sweet, well, that’s good, I guess. It’s not gonna be ending anytime soon, which is nice. And with that being said, are there going to be more Goblin Slayers (we have a few spin-offs now)?

Kumo Kagyuu 26:38
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 26:40
Okay so right now he is currently in the process of writing another spin -off, which is set 10 years before the current events of Goblin Slayer. Which is going to cover a bunch of side characters’ backstories and it’s gonna be…(sounds that is going to be quite interesting).

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 26:55
So he’s in the process of making that, so expect another side story coming up.

Audience 27:02

Audience 27:03
This next question is more so about Kagyuu -sensei as an author rather than a Goblin Slayer, but will you continue writing in the Dark Fantasy genre, or will you branch out to other genres in your next work?

Kumo Kagyuu 27:21
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 27:48
He does want to continue doing dark fantasy stuff but you know other than dark fantasy he has a lot of he loves cyberpunk stuff obviously he can tell from his mask (he’s wearing a Dead Pool mask) he loves superheroes.  So he said if I get the chance that I’m up to try and attempt all those different genres as long as people are willing to support him.

Joey the Anime Man 28:17
So we’ve got all of his ambitions what he wants to do but this next question is if you weren’t a light novel author what would you be doing?

Kumo Kagyuu 28:34
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 28:51
He wants to be an industrial spy.

Audience 28:53
Laughter in applause

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 28:53
(to Kagyuu) I mean, you know, if you wear that mask, you can probably pull it off honestly.

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 29:02
Alright, that’s interesting.

Joey the Anime Man 29:08
So, going more into the personal life of Kagyuu Sensei, you play Dungeons and Dragons. What is your favorite edition?

Kumo Kagyuu 29:18
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 29:27
Okay, and Shadowrun he plays fourth edition.

Joey the Anime Man 29:29
So, I don’t play D&D or Shadowrun, but does anyone here play D&D?

Audience 29:33
 Some shouts from the audience

Joey the Anime Man 29:36
Does he have good taste?

Audience 29:36
Some shouts of approval from the audience.

Joey the Anime Man 29:37
Yeah! That’s good. I’m glad, I’m glad.

Kumo Kagyuu 29:41
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 29:44
Okay, so he likes does like to play dungeon master in D &D as well.

Audience 29:47

Joey the Anime Man 29:48
I mean, if you think about it, that kind of makes sense. He does write stories for a living, so that makes sense. So, next question is very general. What is your favorite fantasy creature?

Kumo Kagyuu 30:05
Speaking in Japanese

Joey the Anime Man 30:23
So he really wants to bring out in Goblin Slayer like a Harpy and Harpy Girls and that kind of stuff.

Outspoken Audience Member 30:28
(Shouting) Do it!

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 30:28
He also does, if he can, want to write a story about a werewolf. He doesn’t know if he’s going to release any of that stuff in Goblin Slayer, but it’s a possibility.

Joey the Anime Man 30:53
So, without being said, how can you make so many spin-off stories and still have time for everything else?

Kumo Kagyuu 31:02
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 31:04
It’s like it’s just the simple matter of writing one at a time and just getting it done

Kumo Kagyuu 31:11
Speaking in Japanese

Joey the Anime Man 31:14
I thought the pace that he’s writing at is pretty fast for a light level author. Because usually light level author takes an take there time and stuff like that. But he’s writing some really good stuff, really good stuff.

Audience 31:26

Joey the Anime Man 31:26
So like, yeah, I’m pretty jealous of what he can do. So with that said, next question. What is it that drives you or drove you initially to write a story focusing on a man with no grand ambition and only wanting to kill the weakest monster?

Kumo Kagyuu 31:53
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 32:24
So when it comes to hero stuff, like as you heard earlier, he loves his hero stuff. He loves the vigilante stories, so like the urban superheroes, like Batman, he doesn’t so much care about, like, you know, while Superman is out there saving the entire Earth, Batman is in Gotham fighting crooks.  And when he wanted to translate that kind of vigilante aspect into a dark fantasy story, he thought, well, who would the crooks be?  Goblins!

Joey the Anime Man 32:53
So, that’s basically it.  Yeah, that’s very cool.

Kumo Kagyuu 33:15
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 33:15
But the vigilante, the Batman of the series, is the Golden Slayer. It makes a lot of sense.

Joey the Anime Man 33:19
That’s very cool.

Joey the Anime Man 33:21
So, with that being said, next question. How would High Elf Archer, confess or feel he’s the Golden Slayer?

Kumo Kagyuu 33:37
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 33:40
He said, I don’t want to be that guy, but you can go on to BookWalker, buy the rest.

Audience 33:52
Audience laughter

Speaker 5 33:52
And I’m sure, like, you know, with any favorite series, we all want to know if the ship will sail.

Audience 33:57

Kumo Kagyuu 33:57
Something quickly spoken in Japanese.

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 33:58
Thats one way to think about it. (Or alternatively , that’s one I have to think about.) *[Transcribers notes: This part was a bit unclear due to audience noise]

Audience 33:59
Audience laughter and applause

Joey the Anime Man 33:59
Okay, cool. So with that being said, how did you come up with each of the characters in Goblin Slayer? Like, what were the inspirations for each character?

Kumo Kagyuu 34:11
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 34:39
So he basically, with each character, he got a from of all sorts of different movies, books, games, Dungeons & Dragons, as we said earlier. But one of the biggest movie inspirations was (have you guys see Seven Samurai)?

Seven Samurai - Akira Kurosawa - Toho (1957)

Audience 34:52
Audience response in affirmative

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 34:54
So that was his biggest inspiration for a lot of characters at the way out. (I mean, great choice).

Joey the Anime Man 35:03
Okay, so next question. As a solo magician, what is the best way to fight a goblin champion?

Kumo Kagyuu 35:19
Speaking in Japanese

Joey the Anime Man 35:20
He just said a lot of like technical thing which I’m not quite sure if I can translate.

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 35:23

Kumo Kagyuu 35:34
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 35:35
HOT spells and then a fireball to the face.

Audience 35:36
Audience laughter

Joey the Anime Man 35:47
So would the Goblin Slayer rather fight a dragon-sized goblin or a thousand duck-sized goblins?

Audience 36:03
Audience laughter

Joey the Anime Man 36:04
Who thought of this question?

Kumo Kagyuu 36:04
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 36:12
He’s like, I don’t think I need to answer this, but uh… BOTH!

Audience 36:14
Audience laughter and applause

Joey the Anime Man 36:18
I mean he’s the Goblin Slayer!

Joey the Anime Man 36:23
Alright, I’m going to personally find the person who asked this question.

Audience 36:26

Joey the Anime Man 36:26
So, next question. Is there any other person out there that is the same as the Goblin Slayer or is he the one and only Goblin Slayer?

Kumo Kagyuu 36:53
Speaking Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 37:00
So it was like, I’m not sure if, like, This Goblin Slayer is the only goblin slayer in the story, but even if there are other ones in the story, they’re probably not gonna make it. Let’s just focus on the one Goblin Slayer. It one Goblin Slayer, not Goblin Slayer(s).

Kumo Kagyuu 37:16
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 37:21
Yeah, so the Goblins Slayer doesn’t want to create a posse of goblin slayers. He just wants to be the only goblins slayer.  That makes sense.

Joey the Anime Man 37:30
So this one is, you guys probably saw this line in the PV, but the goblins layer says, very famous line, he doesn’t let God roll the dice. Does this mean that he hates the fact that his fate is being controlled? Or can you explain or elaborate on that point, if that’s not the case?

Kumo Kagyuu 37:57
Speaking in Japanese.

Kumo Kagyuu 37:57
So he’s like, in that world, God is the one controlling everybody and Einstein is wrong.

Audience 38:04

Joey the Anime Man 38:04
Alright. I mean, that’s the best explanation we’re going to get. So… Yeah, God’s playing tabletop RPG, exactly. He’s rolling the dice.

Joey the Anime Man 38:19
So next question, is a bit if a long one. Uh, Golden Slayer still owes the high of Archer an adventure without Goblins in it, if you guys have read the story. So, will there be a volume in the future that depicts this adventure, where no Goblins show up at all? Like a normal adventure? Uh, and then they’re ending this question with (he obviously got this from Twitter).  I don’t dislike Goblins adventures, by the way. Just curious if we will get a different setting once in a while for the sake of variations, smiley emoji.

Audience 38:47
Audience laughter

Kumo Kagyuu 38:50
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 38:55
So he’s like, I don’t want to be that guy again, but….

Audience 38:57
Audience laughter and clapping.

Joey the Anime Man 39:16
Okay, so next question. Does the Goblin Slayer.. (I actually asked this in the interview as well) Does the Goblin’s Slayer or Priestess have real names? If so, would they be Western names or would they be Japanese names?

Kumo Kagyuu 39:18
Speaking Japanese

Joey the Anime Man 39:43
Okay, so he basically said, they do have names, but he thought that by putting the names in it would kind of defeat the purpose, because as you know, he was inspired by Temple Top games like Dungeons & Dragons where you’re the one who makes the story, right? You’re the one who creates the characters. So he wanted to bring that aspect into the Light Novel by purposely, not putting a name so that you guys reading the Light Novel or watching the anime or reading the manga can put in whatever name you want. So basically it’s up to you guys. Do you want him or here to have a western name or do you want to have a Japanese name?

Outspoken Audience Member 40:24
His name is now Kyle

Audience 40:24

Joey the Anime Man 40:25
It’s official now, it’s Kyle, the Goblin Slayer?

Audience 40:26
Laugher and Applause

Joey the Anime Man 40:48
Alright. Okay, so going further into the story again with the next question, for magic users in the story there are four elements. There’s Undyne which is the water, element, gnome, the earth element, salamander, the fire element and silk, the wind element. But in the Goblin Slayer manga, side story U1, the shaman goblins can use lightning type magic (thunderbolt). Is this a fifth element, or…? That’s how the question ends.

Kumo Kagyuu 41:20
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 41:43
Okay, so he basically said a bunch of stuff about sorcery, which I don’t think I can properly translate because I haven’t read it personally, but to simplify his answer, he said, don’t think about it too hard.

Audience 41:55

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 41:55
Like it’s sorcery, apparently there are a bunch of like kind of conflicting spells within the same book. So it’s basically like that, like you just don’t think about it too hard. Obviously the person asked this question was a Golden Slayer elitist, which I didn’t think existed, until now.

Joey the Anime Man 42:16
Okay, so next question. Will the Golden Slayer be able to use magic spells or actions?

Kumo Kagyuu 42:25
Quick response in Japanese

Joey the Anime Man 42:25
One line, NO.

Joey the Anime Man 42:34
Okay this next… (slight laughter) I hate these questions….

Joey the Anime Man 42:37
So, this next question is, does the dwarf shaman and high elf archer have a love line?

Audience 42:42
Audience laughter

Kumo Kagyuu 42:43
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 42:52
So he’s like, I’m not too sure right now….um…

Kumo Kagyuu 42:57
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 43:03
He has his own personal ship that he wants to like make out..

Audience 43:06
Audience “ooohhh”

Joey the Anime Man 43:06
But I mean, well see, that’s the great thing about Goblin Slayer, is that you can put your own fantasy into it. You can put your own story into it. So, if you wanted to ship the Dwarf Shaman and the Elf Archer then you totally can.

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 43:31
Yeah, so he said, because one of his other big inspirations was Lord of the Ring, so he really likes the relationship between Legolas and Gimli.

Joey the Anime Man 43:39
So, uh, is that a sign that this ship might be real..? I don’t know..

Audience 43:47

Joey the Anime Man 43:49
Or is it just a coincidence that they both happened to be a Dwarf and an Archer? Uh, okay, but with that being said, we’re sticking to the ship questions right now. Will the Goblin Slayer ever end up in a romantic relationship with the cowgirl?

Audience 44:06
Audience Laughter

Kumo Kagyuu 44:06
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 44:16
He won’t be that guy…

Joey the Anime Man 44:17
 Uh, okay, next question. Uh, I think this is, oh yeah, so this is from within the story.  How do towns defend themselves from the dangers outside?  Is there a militia for each town or do civilians get drafted into the army?

Kumo Kagyuu 44:38
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 44:51
You basically just say, yes, there is an army that exists. There’s like a militia for each town and does defend it. But most of the defending for each town comes from the adventurers that are actually there, you know, fulfilling quests and stuff like that. So he said, if you guys are unfamiliar with that concept then go watch Seven Samurai. It’s essentially the same thing.

Joey the Anime Man 45:04
And I agree… Wait, who’s seen Samurai?

Audience 45:04
Several hands raised. 

Joey the Anime Man 45:04
OK, you guys have good taste. The rest of you have some homework to do afterwards. Go watch Seven Samurai. It’s a great movie. It’s a classic. Absolutely classic.

Joey the Anime Man 45:24
OK. OK, this question is interesting and I want to know the answer to. Why not show the face of the Goblin Killer?(Slayer)  It says killer here, so don’t blame me. So why is the Goblin Slayer’s face hidden?

Kumo Kagyuu 45:40
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 45:40
So he said, if you play Dungeons & Dragons and you’re in that scenario where you get attacked all of a sudden while you’re in a town, it’s kind of like that situation. Where it’s like he’s always constantly on guard because if you guys have read it, he’s that kind of character, right? He’s like, no F’s given, I don’t care, I’m constantly on edge. He has some pretty messed up stuff happening in the past, so that’s his way of hiding his depression, I guess.

Joey the Anime Man 46:24
Okay, so we have a few more questions to you. This one’s a bit of a long one, with ending with a smiley emoji again. So he says, I enjoyed the adventures of Goblin Slayer with Spearman and Heavy Swordsman along when they were climbing a tower and fighting that wizard in Bombing 4. I like the chemistry of three manly veteran adventurers and the unique fans that they have. Is there a chance those three will have a comeback and have an adventure together again? Maybe against an evil witch or a dark elf sorceress? smiley emoji.

Kumo Kagyuu 46:52
 Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 47:01
So he personally likes those stories too, so he’d definitely like to try and create a side story of that if he has the time. I mean, he can bust them out so quickly, so we’ll probably get it eventually.

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 47:12
Okay. And here’s the last question. And whoever asked this question is kind of ingenious. Would you consider making a VR game out of Goblin Slayer?

Audience 47:30

Kumo Kagyuu 47:30
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 47:31
So he hasn’t gotten the connections or the talk yet from the higher ups. But he’s like, yeah, definitely if he has the chance, then he’d love to make it.

Joey the Anime Man 47:39
Like I’m just imagining what a goblins slave VR game would be like. Like, yeah, you’d just be endlessly killing goblins.

Audience 47:51

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 47:53
He’s like, if you guys know anybody who can hook him up with that kind of stuff, I don’t know.

Joey the Anime Man 47:59
Alright, so that was the pre -submitted questions…

Audience 48:02
Audience Applause

Joey the Anime Man 48:11
So, the good thing is guys that everyone in this room not only gets to watch some world premiere stuff like the PV and the key visuals and stuff like that, but… You get to ask a question as well. So, with any Q &A like this, obviously don’t dive into his personal stuff too much. Respect his privacy, respect everybody’s privacy. This is a family -friendly panel. I don’t want to get demonetised.

Audience 48:39
Audience laughter

Joey the Anime Man 48:39
So Mei Lin at the front here will have the microphone.  So, uhh… any of us will just point to you and if you have a question that you would like to ask of anyone on this panel. Try to focus on Goblin Slayer since this is a Goblin Slayer Panel.  So, that’s it then.  White shirt in the middle.

Audience Member 1 49:03
I’v only read the manga and I’m going to pick up the light novel soon… Does the Goblin Slayer ever meet with God? Rolling device, playing God in the world. And what would his reaction be?

Kumo Kagyuu 49:55
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 50:03
He said that he’s probably not going to me Him. 

Joey the Anime Man 50:11
I mean considering that you know the Goblin Slayer is kind of pissed at God of this universe… I don’t think it will end up well for the Goblin Slayer

Joey the Anime Man 50:21
Red Shirt in the Middle

Audience Member #2 50:37
I don’t want to reveal too much about people out there. Is there a possibility that we will be able to see more of the Sword Mistress? Sword Maiden, I’m sorry.

Speaker 5 51:06
Okay, so previously he mentioned about the new spin right? The one that set 10 years before the current event. That’s going to be focusing on the Sword Maiden

Audience 51:13
 Yeah! Woo -hoo! Yeah! Applause

Joey the Anime Man 51:18
Thanks for your question.

Audience Member #3 51:53
I was wondering if you’ve done a campaign that actually was like Goblin Slayer or if you plan on doing a campaign or if you just have some character show up as a cameo in your own campaigns.

Panel Moderator 52:04
So what was the question?

Audience Member #3 52:08
D&D campaigns.

Panel Moderator 52:19
Like a global slayer expansion pack?

Audience 52:20

Audience Member #3 52:22
Like, has he had one that was like… when he was playing D&D..

Joey the Anime Man 52:32
Was he ever in like a campaign or a situation where he was basically playing as like Goblin Slayer oh that’s you’re asking. Oh, okay, he’s thinking really hard right now because he’s playing a lot of D &D matches.

Kumo Kagyuu 52:45
Speaking in Japanese

Joey the Anime Man 52:55
Okay, so basically with any adventure that he creates, it’s more likely than not a Goblins Slayer with every campaign he plays. So, yes, is the short answer.

Panel Moderator 53:06
Thank you for your question.

Joey the Anime Man 53:29
One, right in the hat.

Audience Member #4 53:39
And if Goblin Slayer were to cross over into another fantasy world, like, an anime world or a manga world, what would it be? So, like, maybe KonoSuba, I’m just kidding…

Audience 53:47
Audience laughter

Kumo Kagyuu 53:47
Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 54:02
He’s very open to if the idea ever comes up from outside sources, when he’s definitely open to doing a legit crossover of other series.

Audience 54:29

Joey the Anime Man 54:30
He’s personal friends with Ōmori sensei who is the author of DanMachi. (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Image via J.C.STAFF Co., Ltd.)

Audience 54:30

Joey the Anime Man 54:43
But just because they’re friends, it doesn’t mean like it’s a big deal. Adulting is hard. There are a lot of things we have to go through. You never know. Possibly it might happen. That might be really cool.

Speaker 2 55:17
Um, can the author please sign this guy’s helmet?

Speaker 5 55:27
I didn’t realize the Goblin Slayer at the back.

Translator 55:45

Audience 55:45

Editors Note 56:10
At this point the cosplayer goes to the front and Kagyuu san signs his helmet.

Outspoken Audience Member 56:24
Is your name Kyle!?

Audience 56:41

Editors Note 56:41
After receiving the signature the cosplayer prepares to leave.

Panel Moderator 56:52
He want’s to take a picture with you.  Hold on.

Audience 56:52

Joey the Anime Man 56:53
So guys, next time you’re at an industry panel where your favorite author is at, try and cosplay as the main character and you’ll get immediate attention.

Audience 57:05
Laughter & Cheering

Panel Moderator 57:37
We’ll do a few more questions.

Audience Member #5 57:48
So I was wondering, what was your inspiration for the rock eater?

Kumo Kagyuu 57:55
 Speaking in Japanese

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 58:09
So he doesn’t know if the Western name for it is the same as the Japanese name, but there’s a movie called Tremors.

Audience 58:13
Ohhhh!!!! Applause

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 58:13
That’s the inspiration

Panel Moderator 58:32
Thank you for your question.

Audience Member #5 58:57
If Goblin Slayer was in cyberpunk world, what would his profession be? Yeah, yeah, what would he do?

Kumo Kagyuu 59:09
Speaking in Japanese

Joey the Anime Man 59:13
He’d be the android killer.

Audience 59:13

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 59:27
Street Samurai.

Audience 59:27

Joey the Anime Man 59:28
Which, I’m not gonna lie, I agree with that. Alright, let’s do one more…

Audience Member #6 01:00:07
Who’s your favorite waifu? Please tell us…

Audience 01:00:11

Translator – Joey the Anime Man 01:00:14
He’s like all the girls are cute, right?

Joey the Anime Man 01:00:14
He’s more of a Harem guy then a waifu guy…

Audience 01:00:14

Joey the Anime Man 01:00:48
Alright, awesome. Well, that’s gonna do it, guys.

End of Recording

Author: Jeremy

Jeremy was first introduced to anime with heavily edited versions of Mazinger Z (aka Tranzor Z in the US), GoLion (aka Voltron) and Macross (aka Robotech) while growing up in the 1980's. Since then his tastes have evolved into a fairly eclectic mix of anime with a soft-spot for underdog shonen stories, psychological/cyber-punk stories and select love comedies. Jeremy was also the head organizer of Anime Souffle anime club in Los Angeles. It was at an Anime Souffle meeting where he met Michael Huang and eventually was invited to join as a guest co-host for Scattered Cells Podcast episode #6 in February of 2007. Afterwards he became an official part of the Anime Diet crew.

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