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Goblin Slayer Exclusive: The Unearthed Anime Expo 2018 Panel

Intro/Backstory: In July 2018, a select group of fans was privileged to be part of an intimate “Goblin Slayer” panel at Anime Expo. The discussion,…

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Kazuya Murata Interview @ Otakon 2011

As if the premiere of FMA: The Sacred Stars of Milos isn’t fortunate enough, I had the distinct pleasure to interview the director hours before…

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Seeing Kase Aina, CooRie and Kuribayashi Minami (!) at the Manga Gamer Concert

…And in the center of the front of the front, too! Of course, I had the press badge on. But if you thought I pushed/forced/yelled…

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PMX 2009: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Nabeshin! (Part 1 of 2)

[flashvideo file=”http://media.animediet.net/video/flv/nabeshin_interview_1.flv” /] [display_podcast] UPDATE: downloadable version now available. And now, the cream of the crop of our activities at Pacific Media Expo 2009: an…

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