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Interview: Thomas Romain

Gendomike had an in-depth talk with animation creator Thomas Romain, a French-born employee of Shoji Kawamori’s Satelight studio. We spoke about his roots, stories from his time with Shoji Kawamori, and what he thinks about the working conditions in the anime industry today!

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20 Years of Macross Plus: What Pioneers May Come

“Dedicated to all pioneers..” A wink to both the past, and maybe things to come? It’s a difficult thing, topping what many consider to be…

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Bridging The Gap: 30 Years Of Macross, 7 Hours Of Love

Taking a most unusual detour from its previous home at UCLA, I took a short trip from home to spend a few hours as part…

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Things Just Happen – IN SPAAACE! (The Macross Frontier Features)

  As they say, familiarity breeds contempt. So when it comes to celebrating a quarter century-plus of one of animedom’s most iconic creations, what can…

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