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Who Killed The World? – The Bureau Of Proto Society Delivers

When anime has such a clear-eyed perspective on the zeitgest, I perk up. Imagine my bemused surprise when a medium so often concerned with appeasing…

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Through Older Lenses: Prefectural Earth Defense Force (1986)

Meanwhile, at Hazama Medical University Hospital.. Ever have one of those bad hospital experiences? The kind that shake your faith in the medical establishment, and…

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Yaoi is taking over Anime Diet

NOT! But considering we do have some female readers, and some of them possibly don’t mind or need to get a good laugh, I decided…

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12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 2–The Fathers of Moe

Today’s ABC blogfest gorge of 12 great anime moments is from what I think is this year’s best formula show, Seto no Hanayome. It’s a show…

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