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MM 08 brings out the best in you

It’s too damn funny.

As I watched, I thought an appropriate disclaimer would be:

Warning, please DO try this at home. In fact, try everything shown in this show with your friends and classmates. XD

Yep, this show caters to my taste all right. I mean, after all, I’m just a freak inside, just like many of your who come and read my articles. There’s nothing insightful, just impressions and more impressions.

I think it’s a really bad idea to attempt to help or impose yourself on somebody in the name of rendering aid. I mean, shit, it makes great comedy and that’s what I’m here for. The twisted and totally exaggerated BL plot at the end is funny but it’s Taro’s antics throughout the episode that makes it gold.

Exaggerate, exaggerate and blow it up and exaggerate all that! OH YES! NO thinking required. Just what the doctor ordered for depression and surviving through the century that’s full of shit.

But you know, perhaps being tortured, beaten and mocked by pretty girls will bring out the best in a person. Never attempt to cure people with problems unless you’re a real professional.

Unless you just wanna have fun and be delighted with the results.

Seriously, watch the show.

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