High School Debut – Just another teen romance manga…

Just when I can forget about high school, I started to read this manga series.. and reading it makes me think about an idyllic youthful period. If that is what you want to think about, you can definitely pick up this book to read.

Haruna is a tomboy who made a goal to get a boyfriend, so this is a series on her journey of embarking in a teen romance at high school with Yoh, a really cute boy. She faces challenges in ex-girl friend’s, Yoh’s sister, and the rest of the world trying to get either Yoh’s or her’s attention. Also there are the issues of what makes dating an issue over just being regular friends.

I am reading through this series at a pretty much a snails pace, but man if I am in the mood for some high school romance.. then sit down and read through 13 volumes of this romantic comedy from Shojo Beat.

What can make you want to pick up this book?

  • Feel apathy for some characters.
  • First time I ever see a male lead depicted all the times with lines under his eyes, indicating long hours, and no sleep.
  • Want to probably learn about what makes a young girl click.
  • If you want to see what a girl’s response to learning about love, by reading manga… there is a parody on manga within a manga, like what they mention in Otomen, Junjou Romantica etc.
  • Other manga read alike probably to this book… Absolute Boyfriend, Otomen, Gals, Love.com or any other teen teen romances.. like Glee or High School Musical….  (Monkey High is another possible title, since they are both Shojo Beat releases, but not really.. since High School Debut, it is the awkward girl chasing after the cool “perfect” guy.. instead of the the other way. >_< )

What can make you not want to pick up this book?

  • What another shojo title… and you reeaalllly got something else to do.
  • Repetitiveness of themes. I was really not impressed with how much cliche or beauty tips there is.
  • This is a verrrry girly book.
Someone's crying.. and no nothing serious!

Author: Linda

Linda is a life long fan of anime, and dabbles in a lot of things. She writes with a tentative neutral voice.. and as for that three year anime blogging mark, she tries to defy that as she is gaining a voice in other mediums ie: Twitter. Find her at other places online. "They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance." -Terry Pratchett

11 thoughts on “High School Debut – Just another teen romance manga…

  1. Hehe. I’m an idiot. Just realized that this is not a sequel, but the same book. THANKS ANYWAYS, THOUGH! 😀

  2. Interesting title. Koukou debut! There’s a slang Daigaku Debut (college debut), meaning that a girl not so popular in high school tries to be popular in college by changing fashion style to tacky one, since nobody knows her in college, her high school buddies all go to different universities. Boys do that too, and go to Go-kon, (arranged group dating).

    Haha, facing ex-girlfriends, well, the dude must have been really popular…how envious. Just like Scot Pilgrim has to fight ex-boyfriends of his crush in Canadian high school, a punk girl from America.

    The dude has dark circle under his eyes. He probably lacks sleep. Maybe I should sleep less then, so I can be popular. Are sleepy eyes attractive to girls?

    I just started reading Saruyama now. That little monkey is naturally kind and caring, innocent (not sophisticated like intellectuals), and has accepting smile. He doesn’t brag or be boastful about anything like other dudes. The embodiment of nice boy. He doesn’t play game but really straightforward, honest, something that adults have lost, or carefully manage to avoid not to get hurt. But this kind of guy is not popular unfortunately…usually girls don’t see him as prince charming nor knight in shining armor.

    I might write an article about Saruyama once I done with reading.

  3. Thanks for the long comment Monsieur!

    Let’s see.. There’s always plays on works.. Daigaku Debut is that a real life scenario? Isn’t that opposite to changing fashion to tacky ones, or are you talking about trying to be fashionable? Mostly my memory of college is lots of hoodies/pj pants.. since classes were across the street.

    Yep Yoh is quite popular.. and a “jock” in junior high… still Haruna also gets somewhat popular.

    You do realize that this is a manga right? I just pointed it out because I have never seen dark circles drawn a lot for characters.. and I kinda find that interesting in the story. Now I know that there was that dark eye kid in a Disney movie, Meet the Robinsons.. but I don’t think that would work in real life. >_< I just finished reading Saruyama! I liked the ending, it was very cute, and romantic. He gets picked on a lot, but his personality attracts a lot of people around him. I always find that in anime, there is always the appeal of the weaker/less popular character getting a lot of people around him, but that doesn't seem to be the case with reality. I would like to read what you write.. ^_^

    1. Thanks for replying, Miz! Sorry to write back late, got caught in 3-D life.

      Yes, Daigaku Debut is a real thing, not only in fiction like manga/anime. Yes, becomes fashionable in college, “gaudy, flamboyant” is a right word, not “tacky.” Lost in translation. My poor word choice.

      That’s cool you lived close to your school. Yeah, I saw students wearing hoodies with their school logo on at America colleges.

      Oh, so, I better not sleep less then? lol

      Cool! I agree, a weaker/mediocre character is so appealing. I can identify myself with them a lot of times. I’m hitting the middle of Saruyama saga. It’s really a cute story. I’m looking for the ending!

  4. No worries MLM… ^_^

    Hmm. is it anything relevant to the fashion magazines I see that is so popular? Personally I see that so many people living in NYC is similarly wanting to appear professional and stylish. So trying to stay with the norm is a social environment condition.

    That was back in my college years, yep I have several of my own college’s hoddies. Very very good for the winter weather.

    Nah.. if you sleep less, it is a bad thing.. bad for health.. and timing.

    Weaker, mediocre characters are characters people can affiliate with, and I always think that the main leads or more hero type characters are characters people aspire to be. Enjoy Saruyama.. it was such a cute story, that I was sad to see it end.

  5. This anime sure does sound cool. I’ll start watching this one after I’m done with Ouran High School Host Club. I’ve read the plot it sound really interesting. Wait, before I get so full of my self, is there an anime on this one already? Where can I watch this? I did check it on animecrazy and animefushigi but can’t find this anime. 🙁 need help.

  6. This anime sure does sound cool. I’ll start watching this one after I’m done with Ouran High School Host Club. I’ve read the plot it sound really interesting. Wait, before I get so full of my self, is there an anime on this one already? Where can I watch this? I did check it on animecrazy and animefushigi but can’t find this anime. 🙁 need help, I am really excited in reading this one.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I think I heard the last thing about this series is that there is a live action cell phone series only in Japan. This is a title avaliable in print and licensed by Shoujo Beat of Viz Media.

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