Toradora 22 – finally, my frustration becomes a nuclear meltdown

I’m out of wife beater shirts because I’ve torn all of them!


I wonder if the writers on this show watched too many episodes of “Friends”. I mean, when Ryuji told Kitamura to say that, I was hoping Kitamura would be a real friend and say no. But no, he didn’t.

Minori needs to just come out and risk everything. JUST DO IT!

Ami needs to just go for it and lose with dignity and brilliance. Shit, I thought you were brave!

Ryuji needs to get the shit sorted out and just feel that feeling, or shit, he’s going to lose something. But most importantly, tell the truth!

Taiga? Well, a confession face to face will help a tremendous deal!

Kitamura…uh…whatever, you’ve kind of become the pedestrian friend. Sorry, mate.

You think the Japanese invented the katana that they would just cut it clean. But no…The frustration is thermal nuclear (and I’m NOT talking about those wings either)!

Just be frank! I mean just be yourselves and just bring it out in the open (yeah, yeah, yeah, this is soap, I know). But damn…

I guess this doesn’t have to end at eps 26, eh? But shit, this is getting too frustrating in such a good way…

Second season? I think so.

8 thoughts on “Toradora 22 – finally, my frustration becomes a nuclear meltdown

  1. The most frustrating thing about these shows is that the male lead is always an invertebrate (except for the shoujo where the girl is the spineless one and the guy is an unapologetic asshole, but that’s basically a different genre altogether).

    I was hoping for some different character development on Ryuji’s part considering the rest of the show didn’t completely follow the harem formula.  Something other than “Guy waffles until a series of coincidences and serendipity determines who he ends up with.”  See: Accidentally hearing Taiga’s feelings in e.21.

    I know harem is generally wish-fulfillment for antisocial males, but they can make a good show without completely reverting to the old formulas.  I don’t know, maybe they’ll pull something different in the last few eps and surprise me, but I’ve got a sinking feeling that it’s going to disappoint the way Kimikiss did.

    1. @ Foomy – well, you know, this show is quite revolutionary in many aspects, but it does follow one classic formula – best friends/comrades fall in love. That can happen in real life but a lot of times it doesn’t. It is true that Ryuji isn’t a strong character in the romance aspect, but enough twists and turns kind of unmade him into the stereotypical harem lead. It does suck that near the end, all the girls are attracted (except the teacher) to him in different ways and Kitamura almost turned into the sidekick friend in eroge and harem shows. I suspect he will end up with Taiga after all. That seems to be the path of the show.

  2. Well I’m not saying it has to be revolutionary in all things, I’m just tired of seeing spineless male leads in shounen romances.  And I’m not necessarily rooting for Taiga.  In fact, this is one of the few shows where I’m not rooting for a particular girl; I think I would be happy with any of them as long as the writers justified it (They’d have to work hard to make it Ami, for instance).  I just want Ryuji to be active in the selection process, you know?

  3. @ Foomy – I understand that frustration. Like I said, in real life, Ryuji probably will not win anyone’s heart (at least in the US). And yes, he should at least choose somebody. The problem is that the average Japanese are rather passive in many ways, and the anime audience is practically passive to a fault. It’s kind of like watching sitcom like friends when two fo the characters just can’t seem to get together. BTW, Mike said that Asu no Yoichi’s male lead isn’t spineless. If you’re interested give it a try.

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