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Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru 02 thoughts

Is this a fun show? Sure.

Is this show exciting? Not really.

Is it a slice of life (an overabused term)? I guess so.

So…What’s this show about?

In a small Japanese town city, there lives a girl with plenty of energy, nearly always on the happyside (almost tripping) and manages to come up with silly ideas that makes the audience smile. You know one of these silly girls. She works at a recently converted maid cafe. The owner, an old lady(?) who has watched her growing up, decided to convert it into a maid cafe because “oh, it’s popular”.

In today’s episode, Hotori battles a world that turns itself against her. Her home life is loud and annoying, her ideas get turn down at work and all the old guys in town are hoping to see her boobs get bigger. Is there anything more slice-of-lifery than that?

Not hardly. Althought the reviews across the anisphere are less than enthusiastic, I personally think it’s a tiny little bit refreshing change from the usual stuff. I do have to admit, it’s a little bland.

You know the disease that movie critics get because they watched so many movies that they’re never impressed with anything, even if the anything means Star Wars, Titanic and even Citizen Kane? NO, of course I’m not comparing this particular show with these movies. I’m just saying, as I’m getting back to the basics of living without the extravagance, I’ve become more appreciative for small shows like these or shows that sticks to the basics of a genre.

Oh and, the shots up Hotori’s ass gets a little bit distracting for a non-service show. But what the heck. The silly and energic girl next door will probably cheer enough people up in this shitty year. And that’s a perfectly good charming point.

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