Chihayafuru 2 Episode 13: In My Dreams, I Creep Closer to You


I take everything back. Megumu is not swoon. In fact, she would make an atrocious lover. We see the members of the Akashi Girls School wondering about Megumu’s intentions on trying for Queen. Multiple times. She has left them in the dark all this time! In contrast, Chihaya made it abundantly, almost laughably clear to her teammates from go that she intends to become Queen and also lead the Mizusawa team to number one.

Communication, as a corollary to consent, is sexy.

There’s nothing worse than a reticent lover. I can summon the patience to work with one on ridiculous and shameful notions fed by the misogynistic media surrounding sex but it’s hopeless if the partner refuses to communicate. My super power isn’t reading minds. I can’t please and pleasure a lover without knowledge and feedback. Moreover, I am very reluctant to engage in fear of triggering any past trauma. This is not to be confused with playing coy which is fine, even encouraged sometimes.

This alone crosses Megumu off my book. It gets worse. Megumu has not informed her teammates of her intentions not because she doesn’t communicate. She is playing for their expectations.

There’s a gap in logic here especially near the end when Megumu commits to beating Chihaya. When one lives for another, resentment builds in the same way as one neglecting a lover’s needs and wants. This holds true for lovers that reliquish physical pleasure who still require and deserve attention and affection on an emotional level.

Herein lies a focal point of gender politics. In the patriarchy, a woman revolves around men. Her words and actions aim to please and entertain men. Her thoughts are deferred, secondary. Social justice aside, this is a depressing way to live. Megumu is depressing.

Chihaya and company will clearly win the match to advance to the finals. This episode masterfully dramatized the nail biting intensity of competitive karuta in playing up the game. Except it’s not even remotely close.


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2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 13: In My Dreams, I Creep Closer to You

  1. Megumu got fired up, and made her intention really clear to her teammates. Akashi got finally consolidated and I think the next episode will be a really good one. It’s interesting to see what’s going on in their mind when playing karuta.

    1. There’s a disconnect in her getting fired up. She’s not doing it for herself. Yea, it will be an exciting match but Mizusawa will win^^

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