Sora no Otoshimono 02 – Pantsu (not ET) go home!


Take me home,

To the place,

I belong…

West Tokyo,

High School Girls,

I’ll be home,


(apologies to John Denver.)

I watched ET when I was quite young and I cried; I watched Sorato yesterday and I was touched (NOT). It was such a wonderful sight seeing different colors and types of animated panties soaring through the sky and even piercing through the sky alongside a stealth bomber. World peace is coming and we can all rejoice!

Why do I get the bad feeling this is going to pan out like “She, the Ultimate Weapon”?

This episode continues the theme of “be careful of what you wish for” but does not deliver the heavy pay dirt that people (read: Mike #1) who like heavy drama crave. When the serious music played during the part when Sohara Mitsuki talks about the possibility of having to go bare ass for the rest of her life, I laughed. The situation is just so ridiculous that I couldn’t take it seriously. Unlike in the first episode, when Tomoki Sakurai’s wish took a extreme right turn and the consequence was severe and serious, here, it just looked silly.

With some other characters running around and adding some chaos, this so far is fairly typical anime fair. But I can sense that this will turn quite serious (in the manga) later. It’s just another 12 episode title so I wonder how really serious can it get by the end?

Additional Notes: the fan service level is a pass. But the humor in making fun of that is epic raaaaaape! Krauser approves!

Good animation.

6 thoughts on “Sora no Otoshimono 02 – Pantsu (not ET) go home!

  1. That flying pantsu thing was the most stupidly brilliant and hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Plus, it could’ve have happened to a hotter childhood friend. SNO taking fanservice to new heights, ba dum chhh!

    1. @RP – what, she’s not hot enough? She’s like stacked and growing!
      I liked the scene where they were little kids and the poor girl had to chase after him wearing only puppy panties.
      So not only pigs do fly, now panties do, too!

  2. Hahaha this show is so over the top that it’s effing halarious. Originally I was VERY turned off by the whole cliche’d magic super girl out of nowhere premise.  However a combonation of good production values, decent fanservice, and halarious jokes have put this show on my watch list.
    Heh Tomoki isn’t all that annoying either, I actually kind of like his over-the-top fantasys. Well a lot of people hate him too. Seems like if the male lead is too cowardly, everyone hates him, but if he’s too perverated everyone hates him too. You need a good balance and for a likeable lead. Tomoki fails at this, but atleast he provides good comedy without detracting from the show. In this show a “Cool/Mature” male lead like the ones in key anime wouldn’t fit in well.

    1. @FlameStrike – it’s impossible to strike a perfect balance for those harem shows because the male lead will always be hated no matter what he does. I guess only Yuuto in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is liked by a lot of women. As for leeches, there are enough guys out there that appreciate leads that those. The standard post 90’s male lead has mostly been cowards. And you’re right about snobbish male leads.

  3. Err, whoops. I meant to say it couldn’t have happened to a hotter childhood friend. She’s definitely hot enough. =P

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