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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi…Moving along with Episodes 3-4

So with Anime Boston occuring, I ended up catching up with two episodes and recapping them here… Sekai has actually reached a point where I want to see more couples. Clearly any one else watching this series can call me impatient. But past history tells me that if the main couple is a given… then I reeeeally want to see the other couples, since I probably end up liking the others more than the main couple. (In Junjou Romantica, you can see me squeeeee for Terrorist, and Egoist, way more than for Romantica.)

I am also not a fan for ukes that won’t just take the cue from the seme and give up already. I commented about this fact to my friends, and a friend commented, that it is the uke’s ass on the line. Technically this doesn’t compute well with this fangirl. I am pretty direct on how I expect relationships. It does not necessarily involve sex. So is this an American aspect then? I also mentioned in the past review for a third person to be introduced, well here is Mr. Third person, depicted above and it is not the seme that gets jealous but the uke that gets the green monster.

Episode 3-4 moves on a slow pace, with Ritsu still not giving into Takano. (sighs) Wondering if I should just wait until this show ends to just see what happens? But other than my frustrations for the romance, there is more interesting behind the scene look at how a publishing model usually works. What I forgot to mention, is that with every episode conclusion, there is a recap for what publishing concept was introduced int he episode.

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