Say “I love you.” Loli imouto moe! Love triangle.

Recently I got busy with capitalism, so I’m falling behind watching new episodes, so now I have to catch up, and Say “I Love You” is one of them. Finally, I was able to catch up to the latest episodes on crunchyroll, and ohhhh, ahhhh, so heavenly. Yamato’s little sister, Nagi! That was too cute. I thought this was a shōjo anime, its target audience usually teenage girls, but I think this is heavily marketed toward lolicon otakus as well.

When Mei visits Yamato’s house, that house is totally a mansion, he belongs to bourgeoisie. And his little sister holding a doll named “Yamato No. 2” opens the door, and she comments with vitriol in front of her, “Onii-chan, is this your new girlfriend? What a letdown.” I screamed with moe, “She is jealous! I don’t want my onii-chan NTRed by another bitch!” Ahh, so cuuute. I really want to have imouto!

Die, riajuu! Die!

Man, I can’t stand Yamato. He is too riajuu. Yamato must explode! He can sleep with any girl he likes, he is ikemen and has a wonderful personality, and what’s more, the most importantly, he has a loli imouto! He is too lucky. Ah, how wonderful to give a good night kiss to imouto everyday?

Take care of me, Onii-chan ♡

He is born to a bourgeois family and even has this cute little sister!? So unfair. Yes, Gautama Buddha talks about one of the eight dukkha is birth. Yes, which social status and family situation you’re born into which you can’t choose. And oh my gosh, this won’t be a dukkha, but a sukha (orgasmic pandering) to otakudom! Ahh, I sooo want to hug her and pet her head. This imouto is just so cute. AHHHHHHH.

And how Nagi reacts when she accidentally runs into their riajuu moment is funny. “My onii-chan is sexually assaulted by a skank!”

My onni-chan is getting NTRed!

This imouto is really cute. She even prepares tea and cake. With APRON. Loli wearing apron!!! Oh my gosh. A waifu (wife) with naked apron at kitchen is ultimate, but imouto with apron at kitchen, baking cakes and cookies for you. Priceless!

Onii-chan, I made a pie for you ♡

I love small girls. Darn, the small girl prototype, Azunyan is so cute. Chibi girl is kawaii. Small is beautiful! Azunyan is small, in a fish eye lens Azunyan was too cute.

So, now Mei and Nagi become good friends, so this love triangle is now settled. Imouto arc was like this.

Nagi → Yamato ← Mei

Imouto and kanojo reconciled over ikemen.

Now, model girl arc, typical of shojo, but didn’t even come close to love triangle like Macross. Kawamori Shoji is the master of love triangle. I was expecting a cat fight between Mei and a model girl. You know, I was expecting a scandal, but what Mei is doing is a soft approach, soshokukei (meek) way.

Megumi → Yamato ← Mei

Oh, what a soshoku-kei girl Mei is.

And then, Yamoto’s long lost friend who got powered up like Mario eating mashuroom and appeared in front of Yamato, declared that he’s in love with Mei. Finally, Mei becomes the main character, the center of the spotlight!

Kai → Mei ← Yamato

Dostoyevsky’s Idiot, yes, that idiot prince Yamato was, but now Mei is the idiot princess. That’s the ultimate deliciousness of shōjo. That’s what the heroine does as a protagonist. Love triangle is the ultimate dilemma! Though Kai is more like Speedwagon, “Speedwagon will leave them with cool.”

Oh Yes, this anime is so cute. It’s a great therapy for people under capitalist duress. A very cute couple that I yearn. Yes, I want to be like them. That cute relationship I envy. And Okazaki Ritsuko’s gentle song is the best, yes, embracing warmth and gentleness. Fruits Basket ED, Princess Tutu OP, ahh, so kind. Her songs are really perfect for Xmas. How come we lost this gem?

I wish I could write songs like hers. I wish I had a girlfriend like Mei and imouto like Nagi to spend Xmas together… But I’ll dedicate my new song to Inaba Himeko, my okazu. That’s how I spend Xmas.

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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