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Psycho Pass – an emotional and joyful moment for Cyberpunk fans…Eh?

I wrote about my thoughts on Cyberpunk in a paper back in 2007! , and I must say, I’ve become much dumber and can’t carry on an intelligent conversation like that. In addition, the entire article or parts of it = tl;dr. But after years of yearning, I can’t believe (Hallelujah), they finally made another hard core Cyberpunk anime…

Oh wait, wait a f’ing minute. It’s not a Cyberpunk anime. No, by the strictest definition, Psycho Pass isn’t a cyberpunk anime (what)! At least not when the main character isn’t a disenfranchised person living at the edge of the society. In fact, Akane is a big part of the establishment!!! In addition, the technology in classic cyberpunk is mostly disruptive (wait wait, but the internet is called the disruptive technology), but in Psycho Path Pass (damn it, I’m tempted to call it Psycho Path, O K?), modern technologies are the norm.

Oh wait, forget cyber (read: internet) technology, the technology prevalent in Psycho Path is the clothe-changing technology. That’s right, girls (and men…yawn) can change their clothing in a drop of a hat, right in the middle of the street.

What’s the concept that’s the central theme? The mega computer that examines people’s state of mind.

as far as the background concerned, it’s postcyberpunk because people have adapted to the society installed with the technology. They accept the system and do not fight against it, nor do they feel shocked about it. I guess except Akane, who disagreed. But at the end of the day, without mega buildings, a protagonist outside of the social norm, as well as the obvious abandonment of standard values that we know (judging people by a certain trait has been done before, ie Nazis of yesterday and the Japanese of today), I cannot qualify it as a true, hardcore cyberpunk.

But then again, who cares? It’s got Minority Report, it’s got Akira, it’s got Ghost in the Shell (Section X = Section 9) it’s got Blade Runner action, and it’s thrilling and exciting, and it’s got Hanazawa Kana-tan. Its atmosphere is a perfect match for classic Cyberpunk. It’s a recommended watch.

(Boy I’m so stupid now that I can’t write an entire academic paper on this matter…)

So ditch this boring ass article and embrace Psycho Pass. It’s an awesome Sci-Fi thriller.

See a much better analysis here.

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