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Yeah, like I also gushed these comments regularly, right?

The last part of this episode is especially gold if you actually watch Japanese TV and know that home improvement show that’s quite famous!


Oh shit, Aikawa-chan comes to the concert to do a surprise insight look on the DMC concert for her magazine! Neigishi is in deep shit! So what does he do to cover himself?

It’s juvenile, but maybe some of you will like it (hint, that’s the only part of the show that should’ve gone overboard but didn’t).

Then, thank the death metal gods that he doesn’t go overboard in his interview with the Japanese Death Metal Magazine (WHAT???!!! THEY HAVE THAT IN JAPAN??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the president shows up with her death metal (more gayish than I thought) duo, and the poor and kind old manager of the building gets it and turns to the power of the dark side! FUCK YES!


It’s so damned awesome that I want to start a Death Metal Band. I can sing just like that (minus the guitar playing…fuck!)

Damn mother fucking funny but nothing caters to today’s true Otaku (or Otaku at any period of time). But FUCKING hilarious!

Just wait for the podcast where I turned into Krauser II and I became the terrorist from hell!

P.S. actually, Ozzie Osborn is so bizarre, that his kids rebelled by being really normal (so they said).

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