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Occult Academy 13 drives the Captain Obviouses away?

…You wanna know why a lot of popular movies are ripped to shreds (including the original Star Wars)? Because critics are cynics.

Yes, Ray declares another defeat. He ripped Occult Academy to pieces and then watched the last episode. No, the last episode isn’t super great. But at least, it kind of redeems itself.

Even if it’s just a little.

It was very tempting to go the way of the shock and just declare that Bunmei/Fumiaki being the last boss. However, there was no evidence to support that theory at all, and I gave up on that, thinking the pure shock value won’t work in a show that at least tried to be different. When Mikaze turned evil, I rested my case.

5 minutes into episode 13, I went “uh oh.” My original “Hey what the heck let’s just guess someone being the last boss for the shock value” seemed to be confirmed.

But you see, I’m stupid and I’m easily let astray. The show does a good job letting me thinking that once Mikaze is done, it’s over. The only thing I wish is that more hints are given. The ending is a little bit random and jarring and no clues have been given through out the show. To me, everything points out that Mikaze would be the Nostradomu’s Key.

Then, it all gets thrown out on episode 13…

What happened? I thought I was admiting my defeat.

The last twist came suddenly and I realized just now that maybe I wasn’t all that out of line.

I’m sure many of you saw this ending coming. After all, you guys are way smarter than I. However, although the sacrifice of Bunmei was touching, the whole thing felt a little bit rushed. Sigh…

It is somewhat redeeming for him to finally does something and that something saves the world. However, I felt empty after watching the episode. There’s rememberance of him. No celebration, no sadness, no joy, no nothing.

It’s all a rush job.

So…I guess I’m not quite defeated after all. The show still lacks and I was right. 😛

Perhaps I’m just a cynical critic after all.

Good: Bumei grows up and fights.

Bad: Captain Obviouses aren’t driven away.


Bottomline: it’s rewatchable for all the quirkiness but not much else.

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