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Nijuu-Mensou no Musume – How Aya-chan’s voice change and becomes mature.

What, Hirano Aya’s playing a kid? I couldn’t have guessed for her rather mature sounding voice – now I’m not talking about women over 30 voices, like so many seiyuu have fallen into before, I’m talking about her voice becoming simply sounding like an older person trying to sound younger.

Is it lack of voice acting skills? Well…

Did she beat out some classic and more skillful seiyuus at the 2007 Seiyuu awards for the best seiyuu for the year? Check it out! Was that fair, well…

So what does that mean?

Not that much for this show. Her character is intriguing because she knows that her aunt and uncle are poisoning her here, and she longs to get out of the house and go wild.

Interesting character resurrection from the ’70s and early ’80s. But she did promise us a “completely different voice” or something like that, and to her credit, she did just that.

My personal likings aside, she’s doing a great job as the kid who’s to become the 20-faced women.

I was surprised at the plot. But that means the show is interesting enough. I like the fact that Aya-chan’s character is smart and knows that she’s being poisoned.

As an Aya fan, I’m waiting to see how she does next, but…Oh shit, I think I was poisoned by her loli-voice on her Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champion Show a while back. Oh, how I loved her nervous and kawaii voice…

Oh shit, someone smack me before I become a loli-con!

I’d say Aya-chan’s all grown up…Oooh…

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