ef ep 03 – a fragment of memory that you just have to hold on…


Note: the only story that I find interesting is Renji x Chiro. The others are rather stereotypical to me and hence I won’t cover them as much. You have been warned.

I really can’t imaging someone who has to desperately hold on to memories of love and friendship because she’d forget them after 13 hours. But I certainly know what it’s like to desperately holding on to memories because…

These were the only times when you remember that you are happy. That’s what Chihiro’s doing. Being with Renji makes her happy, in her lonely and almost abandoned life, Renji’s the only person who sparks happiness. Her sister’s there but she can only provide her with instructions and a listening ear. Renji brings happiness.

It’s so poignant when Chihiro says: “I’m going to tell a joke.” But we all can tell that it’s not a joke. It’s something that she wishes but will ultimately hurt others and make something inside them die.

“I really wish I were gone, then I won’t bring trouble to others any more.” (smile).

I feel the same, really. I think that’s Shinjism – really wondering if you’ve done anything worthwhile for others, and thinking that when you’re gone, the world will be better, and there will be less trouble, and people won’t have to feel bad listening to you (if people actually listen). I don’t agree or disagree with that. Technically it’s true (only if you feel that way) that when you’re gone, people won’t have to worry about you anymore.

Whether people will get over you is a completely different story altogether.

Chihiro always wants to remember what’s important to her by reciting things that she can remember about one hour before the appointed time that she’d forget. It’s a painful knowledge knowing that you’d have to deal with someone you care about as if you two are strangers meeting for the first time over and over again. It’s just not fair that she has to go through it again and again.

But in the any case, let’s switch gears. The strange girl with the hat shows up, this time in Kyosuke’s…delusions?

I don’t know. Perhaps she’s the goddess for reflections and creative thoughts?

Kyosuke quits the club that doesn’t understand his visions and only wants to do things like all other standard clubs, and his girlfriend, who simply can’t understands him, asks to break up.

He shrugs it off and asks her, who’s the club president, to approve his resignation. More poignancy is involved here.

Miyako is spurred by the manga artist when he says: “No, she’s not my girlfriend.”

It must hurt like hell.

This episode is full of poignancy, but I couldn’t cry. It hurts so much but it’s not something to cry about. However, because I’m a little biased, this episode is

82% recommended for your daily anime diet. Melancholy is good but purposely sappy music is a telltale sign of low production values. However, at least the emotions are real and painful.

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  1. Wow, Random Curiosity hates the RenjixChiro Arc and you hate the Hiro/Miyaka arc. This show sure is polarizing.

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