Nijuu Mensou Musumue ep 14 – he goes away again and…

Chizuko will go out and try to find him again.

The airship is crashing; Ken is trying his best to save the ship and the people including Chizuko. What’s going to happen?

The excitement here mounts to the top and as we anticipate a boom, we don’t get disappointed (no actual explosions occur).

OK, back to the beginning of the episode. 20 Faces decides to go away again, and leaving Chizuko and Ken all alone. However, he trusts them to get out of the situation.

Chizuko tries to find parachutes, but the bomb blows these out of the ship.

Fortunately, the people who seems to be dead are alive and they wake from their drug-introduced slumber.

Aketsuki goes to try to help. On his way, he finds some fishermen and gets their help to save the survivors of the would be crash.

The ship lands in the sea OK, and Aketsuki saves Chizuko. Ken, after seeing that Chizuko is indeed saved, goes away presumably hiding.

On the other hand, Toumei, who’s loyal to Chizuko, makes a deal with the evil step mother and helps out Chizuko in her own smart way.

Now we have the members of the detective girls, it’s time to for their adventure!

Without giving much away at all, I’m looking forward for their adventure in the coming episode.

After watching so many seiyuu sweating and working their asses off, I tend to forget how great they did their work. Here’s no different. Aya-chan promised to sound different, and she does.

Once again, she and the cast gives an excellent performance. I highly recommend you catch up to this show if you’re an Hirano Aya fan and if you haven’t watched this show at all.

(Of course I’m biased because Aya-chan is in this one!)

P.S. Trying not to be cynical, finding new stuff and lowering my expectations, and reflecting on the basic elements of anime…

Author: Ray

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