Nagi No Asukara 5, renounce love, Seitei Souther!


Just watched Nagi No Asukara 5 on Crunchyroll, this is really, aahhhh, saudade…so lonely and sad…I totally know this feeling, like I wrote before. And a girl can’t date anybody outside the clan, which is really stupid. Anti-miscegenation law that these sea people follow, very stupid. I want to date all the pretty girls from all the five continents, and yes even from underwater! These clan rules are utterly BS, since Loving v. Virginia, and now DOMA got struck down, so, that society in Nagi No Asukara is so bad. Totally Nurnberg law. Why do they worship this Nazi Sea God? That is very evil and shouldn’t become the law. Very unconstitutional and violation of human rights. It just made me angry with this village mentality, mura-shakai, and if a girl dates outside of the clan, then mura-hachibu (expulsion, exile).

Anyway, Chisaki likes Hikarai, and Hikari likes Manaka, and Manaka probably likes Tsumugu. And then, Chisaki confesses that she secretly has a crush on Hikari to Tsugumu, but Manaka overhears it!!! I was like, “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” That makes it so complicated!!!! Mari Okada is genius! Ohhh, I can’t take this anime off of my head! Ahh, I know that feeling, adolescent agony, teen’s romantic angst, I totally relate myself to that! My whole youth was like that!


But during the practice for Sports festival, the typical Oklahoma Mixer, the only time I got to touch the opposite sex, yes, the only skinship I had in my school days, the social dance uniformly performed at Japanese high school sports festival or Tai-iku-sai. Chisaki dances with Hikari, but Chisaki is like, “Don’t get near me, you stink like sweat.” Ohhhh, so tsun-dere!!!! She actually likes him so badly but instead treat him like sh@t, just to cover up her true feeling, soo cuuuutee!!! I was treated like garbage in high school by girls, the painful memory, “I don’t want to dance with that creep.” Man, they talked behind calling me, “LaMoe the creep.” How hurtful that was! Just like that song by Radio Head. But were these girls all tsundere? Does that mean they were actually in love with me!? I could interpret like that just to ease my painful memory. Alleviate my PTSD. Just to feel better and move on!

Hikari’s older sister, sexy onee-chan, she is dating a widowed guy who has a elementary school daughter, Miuna, a loli! And he is from the surface, not from the sea. And that made the whole village commotion and the village leader and priest told her to break up with him. You know, until oral, it’s okay. As long as it’s not vaginal, it’s not sexual relationship. Even President Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relationships with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky!” But I think onee-chan did more than oral, couldn’t do it in the house since daughter was there so I bet they did it in the car, so that’s why she got suppressed by the village. She should have kept until oral. But anyway, this anti-miscegenation is really BS.


Anyway, she decided to get together with that widowed dude, yup, forever expelled from the sea world, and his deceased wife was very pretty, reminds me of Tari Tari’s Wakana’s mother. Of course, this is P.A. Works, similarity there. Yes, Miuna should sing Melody Of Heart! And yojo Miuna is really cute.

Youjo Miuna.
Youjo Miuna.

Ahh, Hikari conformts Miuna, but she accuses him of Loli-con. And then a lot of otaku commented, “Thank you. Yes, I’m lolicon, elementary school girls are awesome!” That was hilarious.


Ahhh, so Hikari’s onee-chan’s problem got solved. But I guess international marriage is like that. Either one should renounce the old community that she or he used to belong to. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage to Kennedy was like that, entering into the new community of America, renouncing Austria, becoming the Governor of California. Girls always change their family name, hardly guys. I don’t understand why, just change together like Villaraigosa, why always girls should be the one? Even married feminazi women, they don’t keep maiden names, always replacing with men’s surname. It’s irony that while they blame patriarchy, they actually support patriarchy.


But the real problem, Chisaki’s saudade, her love can’t reach Hikari because Hikari always looks at Manaka, ohhhh. But Manaka looks the other way. So saudade… And Miuna says to Hikari, “I lost my mom, so I don’t want to lose Aka-chan (Hikari’s sister) again. Love hurts, so I better renounce love lest I get hurt.” Yes, “Because of love, people must suffer, because of love, people must grieve!” The famous line of Seitei Souther of Fist of the North Star, who looks identical to Gamagoori Ira. Yes, Souther experienced aibetsu-riku. Holy Cross Mausoleum is a grave of love. Yes, unrequited love! Ahh, totally saudade, or sehnsucht. That French man  in Manon des Sources who went crazy over Manon de Florette hanged himself because he couldn’t stand the agony of love not getting returned. No reciprocity. Yes, that painful! That got me deported myself to America also! So I totally understand! Werther‘s pain. But the most painful is that when a girl turns you down when you make a romantic confession to her. Even Obama understands that pain,

“it’s impossible not to feel at some level as if you have personally been repudiated by the entire community…when the girl you’d been pinning over dismissed you… (The Audacity of Hope p107).”

Yes, the entire Japan repudiated me, congratulations to Ishihara Shintaro’s wish has come true, the Japan that can say NO! And indeed Japan said No to me! That’s why I came to the land of free. Life, libertine, and pursuit of moe-ness.

Loli’s eye is as powerful too. If stared like this, moeeeeeee!!!!

Moreover, I didn’t have money, authority, and power to build Holy Cross Mausoleum, and I just couldn’t give up love, that’s why instead of Holy Emperor (Seitei), I become kimoi-otaku, yes, kimo-ota! So, instead of love, I go for moe, so instead of Holy Emperor, I become a moe-pig. Well, if I had money and power, instead of building Mausoleum, I would have bought entire maid cafe chains!

Anyway, the chords are really amazing for the ED song, Aquaterrarium. Hihihihi, but mine is buhihihi (oink)! That ending song perfectly ends this episode, wow! So, I got to figure out, and here I got so far.

BbM7, C, Am7 Dm
Gm7 Am BbM7 C
Bm7 A Abm7(b5) G F#m7 A
D C G Em
Bm7 C G Bm7 A
Em F#m7 G A
Em F#m7 G A
BbM7 C Am7 Dm
Gm7 Am7 BbM7 C
BbM7 C Am7 Dm Dm/C
Gm7 Am7 BbM7 C Dm

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  1. This episode nearly had me in tears, though for different reasons than you. Actually, this entire series struck a real chord inside. I’ll be writing about that very soon.

    I think I want to learn that ED too.

    1. Finally, gendomike is writing about Nagi No Asukara, yes, I was really wondering what you were thinking about this anime! Looking forward to your new article! Yes, I think Mari Okada is doing a superb job, and now I think this is going be the masterpiece of this season!

      Yes, it’s a beautiful song, we can jam if you want to.

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