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Mnemosyne – well, if someone can explain to me…

…What’s the real point of the show, besides the obvious, I’ll be grateful.

Because after watching the entire series, with rather long periods of break between each episode, I failed to grasp the point. To me the central plots are:

– See what will kill Rin in today’s episode.

_ See if Rin stays dead.

– See how many sexual fetishes RIn (and for you Kugi Rie fans) and Mimi fall victims of.

– See violence, and guro (no, I’ve never read manga on that, thank God) on women.

– a throw back to the progression of Sci-fi?

Let’s tackle the last one.

The technological progression in the show is the opposite of what we have in the real world.

The technological progression in the show goes like this: bio-experiment and cloning, cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk.

In the real world: cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk and cloning.

In many ways, this show is a throwback to the late ’80s and early ’90s OAV with bloody, exotic and sometimes strange concepts concerning many things (see Bubblegum Crisis and especially Angel Cop). There are a lot of violence and blood, but as for plot, I wonder people who are way smarter than me had already guessed what was going to happen from the beginning of the show?

For a 6-ep OAV with old fashioned time lengths, I didn’t feel like much progress was made in plot. In fact, for whatever odd reason I felt that a lot of elements are thrown in, especially in the last episode where Russia was involved (or was it the US). That came too suddenly. To me, the plot was never all that well developed and a lot of things felt like after thoughts –

Plots seemed like stuff that the story teller thrown in as garnish to the S&M and other fetishes.

But hey, I’ll bet a lot of you enjoyed the moans of Kugipi with tissues and moans of your own.

Then again, many of you will ask: Well, that’s what the show is about! Why don’t you review something more intelligent?

That’s because I know very little intelligent references and I love a cheesy and sexual show.

I even failed to understand the point of the myth here except I know about the World Tree ( I hate spelling out the actual Viking word). Oh, and I can save many of you from watching crappy shows, because I’ve watched them and warned you about them.

RIn is a character that gives off the feeling of lacking of background story. I mean, to be honest I felt her Japanese-related back story was thrown in right before the last episode was put in production. As for character, she’s supposed to be tough and jaded, but seriously, with her voice it’s hard to feel that way. The only I remember is that her deep and breathy voice is hot (thanks, Noto Mamiko-chan).

Mimi is the smart loli-character. Unfortunately, Kugipi’s acting really doesn’t shine here as she doesn’t get to do things she does in Shana, Zero No Tsukaima and Hayate No Gotoku. I do remember her moans. (I’m sure many of you had wet dream of her moaning in your beds)…OK, before this gets too vulgar…

I honestly have to say I ended up not caring about the plot and remembered very little except that it’s a throwback and an sexually stimulating affair. I really didn’t like the S&M and torture, though.

(uh-huh, right).

For a difference sense of nostalgia or the appreciation of the “voice acting skills” of the female seiyuu, watch this show. For a better time spend on OAV, you may want to go elsewhere. Oh and for whatever it’s worth, the seiyuu did their best and their voices were enjoyable anyway.

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