My Obviously late impression of Slayers Revolution ep01

So, Megumi-sama is back and she’s better than ever…Right?

Well, to me, I don’t think she changed as much as I thought she would. Overall, she acted pretty much the same way and I got pretty much the same feeling every time I watched Slayers. However…

Few things certainly feel different.

First, the OP which she performed in. When was it that she ever had to have her back up vocals sing as loud as she does at the powerful chorus part?

I remember: Never. She had always sang like solo for most powerful parts (I know nothing about music, I guess that’s the chorus part/main message part) of the song. But for this one, I can hear a her backup vocals as clearly as I hear her.

I don’t know, maybe I’m stretching. Next…

The actual show itself –

I remember when I first watched Slayer ep01, I was laughing because the show poked fun at the stereotype of villains and their lines, and itself. To me, that initial impression was not something I could forget. It was unexpected funny.

To be fair, I watched everything Slayers so Slayer Revolution (henceforth known as SR in this article) really wasn’t super-duper funny to me, but yeah, I’d say as a fan of Megumi-sama, I got a decent kick out of it.

Of course, Megumi-sama is so good that it’s a crime to be her, right (wink-wink)? You’ll understand after watching it if you haven’t.

I felt the interaction of her crew was great.

I don’t feel nostalgic over the ’90s because I went through high school in the US in the ’90s. However, for anyone who feels nostalgic, SR ep01 really puts the viewers in the ’90s mode.

I once saw a promotion video for ’90s music collection CDs at like 12:30 AM. Eric Nies was saying something like, the “great ’90s”.

I laughed. As if those shitty 10 years (except ’99) were as great as the ’80s. I don’t think these CDs sold well. Back to SR.

Here’s my gushing reaction as a fan of Megumi-sama and her crew in Slayers (taking in a deep breath):



cough! cough!

See the show for yourself if you actually really haven’t.

P.S. listened to her OP performance again. Her voice strained at the end when she soloed. Yep, giving birth really breaks a woman’s voice (at least I thought that’s probably why, oh and she got old).

3 thoughts on “My Obviously late impression of Slayers Revolution ep01

  1. I watched the first episode and laughed at the good parts…However, the only thing that I dont like is the Lina x Gourry pairing. I prefer the Lina x Naga pairing instead. Hope Naga at least has a cameo or appears in any of this episodes, like in Slayers Premium.

  2. What you’re hearing in the chorus part of the OP is Megumi AND Masami Okui’s vocals. They both did the OP “Get Along” for the first season. For Revolution, it was Megumi’s idea to bring back Masami to join her. She only sings in the chorus part though.

  3. For those who don’t know. Slayers, Slayers Next, Slayers Try, Slayers Revolution. The season orders go like that. I believe. So the reason of Gourry x Lina is because Gourry has been with Lina more. Althought that doesn’t necessarily mean they would be lovey dovey, they do have more “Experience” with eachother. Don’t tell women I used the word experience. …… Umm.. yeah.

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