Megadere (護くんに女神の祝福を!) Episode details/thoughts

(space__________Space) So, again since I’ve got some time, and some people seems to be curious about Megadere, I’ll go ahead and start blogging about it. I’m already on episode 18 but I’m not giving out my review until I’m done with the show.

Has anyone seen that Uma Thurman film where she plays a superwoman-like girlfriend of Luke Wilson? Me neither. Imagine you’re a shouta, the type that makes oneesan-types drool over, and then you’re transferred to a school where the elite magical users gather and study – no, nobody wears Maho Sensei style capes – and then all of the sudden, the hottest looking and the most powerful magic user in the school and possibly the entire world, nicknamed the “Demoness Beatrice” confesses to you few minutes after you’ve just walked into the school…

Oh, and if you were rather tall, it’d hard to imagine yourself in that role, because our shouta main guy is rather short, he’s 155 cm tall. Our heroine, Takasu Ayako, is about 168.5. This unlikely pairing is the center of this world where the only evidence of magic is when Ayako or her enemies blowing up things, changing weather, and makes “miracles”.

The magical element is called, “Beatrix”. How did it come about? Why is it in this world? How does one get to use it? Who cares! The show doesn’t explain it at all! It’s a fan service/shouta/explosion/provoking a tigress comedy!

Ayako’s the tigress. But who does the provoking? Well, thank God there are some people who’re more than willing to perform the dangerous task~(drum rolls, please) the student council at Tokyo Beatix University’s High School attachment (whatever that’s supposed to be termed in English). With Maya, the handsome and tall council leader, Shione his sister with the super-weird hair style that changes every time, Mitsuki the camera touting paparazzi, and other wacky and willing people who intend on getting the two officially together with some crazy-ass ideas that completely piss the hell out of Ayako, tempting One’s Fate really takes on a whole new level!

So let’s take a look at episode 1, shall we? I always do the details first, opinions later, so consider the spoiler alert be in effect starting from the paragraph below:

The show begins with a deep male voice speaking a certain promise about “You and us will arrive safely, because…” As the train pulls out of the tunnel, we realize that it really has nothing to do with what’s happening right away. The voice continues: “the power that can change the season, can you believe that?” As his voice fades away, we’re presented with the view of the school, seagulls and a ringing bell.

(35 seconds)

We’re then greeted with Mamoru’s back. As he thinks for himself, and the shot slowly changes to his face, he muses about doing the same thing that older male could do. He takes a deep breath and decides to walk into the school.

(50 seconds)

He walks inside the school and a cherry blossom petal drifts by, he turns and sees his destiny.

The girl turns and looks at him (1:25). From a rather far distance, she asks him coolly: “What?”
He says: “Sorry, because it’s too beautiful.” (Bear with me here…)

Then we realize they’re standing really, really far, and there’s no way he can hear her.


(Wondering why I’m going minute by minute?)

He mutters: “Because the Cherry Blossom is beautiful.”

She walks toward him, demanding his name and grade.

(1:46 – 1:53)

He stutters: “I’m Yoshimura Mamoru, first grade.”
She finally walks up to him, towering over him. (Getting there…)
He notices something on her shoulder and take it off. She blushes.


He takes it off her shoulder, her body snaps straight. He smiles.

(And then…and then…and then…no “and then!”)

Ayako blushes hard, goes up to his shoulder, and asks him to go out with her!!!!

(2:13 – 2:21)

WHAT????!!!!! And we are shocked as all the Cherry Blossom trees blossoms. In fall.

With sweet and touching music playing the background, which ends with Mamoru saying: “Hai…”

All that for less than 3 minutes! 3 minutes into the show and we have confession! WOW! I wonder if that’s the fastest confession in anime history!

So the show begins.

As everyone in school talks in hushed tone about her confession, we go into the student council chamber, the mysterious man in white sitting in the chair begin the musing: “this is serious…”
the blond girl next to him: “The hard battle begins…” Finally, another girl goes: “Yes.”

The scene switches to the classroom, where Mamoru is teased and is observed by many, he’s told that Ayako destroyed a satellite (not a colony, just a satellite, I guess she’s not that powerful…), took our a whole battalion of troops or a military installation, and other things. As Mamoru wonders about her, her stalker, ahem, the captain of her admirers’ group challenges him. Then the pink hair girl who said: “yes” before in the council chamber takes a picture of him and takes him into the chamber.

Mamoru sees the council members, and then Maya, the council leader stands up and talks about Mamoru’s background.

They are impressed by Mamoru’s qualification, and then they go into the real issue, which is show behind on the huge screen: “The Great Battle for Takasu Ayako’s first love!!!”

As Mamoru ponders about this, an Eva style intruder alert happens, and…

This is where the fun really begins!

As the leader appoints Mamoru to the student council, and him and Ayako try to refuse, and Ayako demands what’s going on, the rest of the groups poses with their fingers showing the “V” sign: “Because doing this is fun!” And they laugh hard, fully knowing that they just completely provoked the Demoness of Beatrix.

This section ends with Mitsuki talking about taking the picture of everyone and the leader wanting 3 copies of Ayako’s blushing picture.

You just have to watch it to believe it.

Next day, more chaos ensues (it’s a lot of fun here seeing her blush and angry, at least for me) and Ayako asks Mamoru to fill out a questionnaire for her benefit – she wants to know him better, but she’s too shy to say.

Then we get into something serious about somebody trying to steal a weapon Ayako invented, etc, etc – but it’s good that they get into some kind of story right away…THE CONFESSION WAS SO QUICK!!!! What happened to the good ol’ days where it takes 46 episodes before somebody finally confesses? I’m still in shock.

Ayako and Mamoru talks about the origin of Beatrix…They practically say nothing about that! She demonstrates its powers, and that’s it! I’ve told you not to care about that!

Finally as they wait for her ride to arrive, he showed her the notebook, and she reads with great interest…until the last question: “Please answer yes or no to my asking you out.” It was left blank.

She looks up with disappointment in her eyes, and he says he wants to tell the answer to her in person rather than writing in on paper.

As he is about to speak, the ride comes, and Ayako couldn’t really hide her disappoint, and at the same time, she notices something is going on…

Early in the next morning, Mamoru was informed that the world is in danger…

Next episode, “the battle for the Starfire!”

End spoiler

My thoughts:

Well, well. I love it! It’s super funny, and I just can’t help but chuckle every time the student council provokes Ayako to the point she explodes, and she explodes pretty easily, especially when it comes to love affairs! Hahaha…Mamoru is just another anime nice guy, and I’ve watched up to eps 18 so I knew this already, but who’s going to be surprised if he actually has some


Anyway, that’s the selling point of this show – Ayako gets pissed off and the student council members never learn – they just keep provoking her and provoking her! But yeah, she is super sweet when she’s around Mamoru. In my opinion, the supporting cast is really what makes this show interesting, I mean they just don’t quit! If you like super-powered woman in love and wrecks havoc, check this one out!

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