Linebarrel episode 1–not bad, not great, but not bad

A pretty fair mecha anime.

Linebarrel is not a startling new anime. There is nothing here that was amazing, wowing, or surprising. If you enjoy mecha shows then you will at least enjoy the first episode of Linebarrel. The main character is a weakling boy who rides in a giant robot and gets cocky because of it. He now thinks he is the ‘hero of justice’ he was meant to be. But he learns he is dead. Nothing more is said of this and we will learn more next episode. One thing he could have noticed is that his clothes are covered in blood after a giant robot fell on him. Never once does he take note of this or seriously question why there is a naked girl there too.

One thing they never bothered to explain is how he knows to pilot the robot. He just hops in it and instinctively knows. This is not all the problematic for this series. If he can punch a wall apart he can pilot a mecha. If he can call the mecha to him by copping a feel then sure he can pilot it. So there are those little actions that are more unbelievable that make his knowledge believable.

This show is usual fare really for the fans of mecha shows. The character gets a hot girl that he really should not have. He wants to be strong but is saved by his friends. The character development will be interesting to watch. I predict that nothing new will come from this series. It will not be ground breaking but it will be pretty watchable. So far from this first episode it is pretty mediocre. I will watch it but I am not going crazy for it.

Author: matt

5 thoughts on “Linebarrel episode 1–not bad, not great, but not bad

  1. 1st episodes are mostly introduction. Well as for his pilioting skills well episode 2 or 3 should answer those question. Although the term “FACTOR” was thrown around so thats a hint.

    Sif, no comment on Maaya Sakamoto singing the ED?

  2. Yeah it is just introductions but some shows can do some really cool stuff in the first episode. In Bokurano a kid just dies and falls into the ocean.

  3. Bokurano is hardly about mecha despite the giant robot concept; it is more about the humanity side of it.

    Also I need to watch this Kurogane no Linebarrel and find out if it really is worth watching.

  4. Linebarrel is with the biggest crap i’ve ever seen. A wimp of a protagonist, who cries “justice” all the time just isn’t something i want to look at. Only fun thing was to know, that hes dead. Sad he can still talk.

  5. This is shittiest anime I ever watched. Poor character design, wussy protagonist.
    Oh yeah, the op song is noisy and shitty.

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