Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora 7

Since it’s Chinese New Year (or maybe it should be changed to Taiwanese New Year…sorry, local politics), and I’ve got some time, I’ll do the episode description of Kyoshiro eps. 7. Please consider that the spoiler alert will be in effect when you start reading the paragraph below.

Previously, on Kyshiro (eps 6), Kuu is once again kidnapped by Chikane the Miko of the Moon… I meant Kaon with the Murakame sword.
This time she is brought before Ayanokoji Mika,

who’s the older sister of Kyoshiro. Then a “shocking” secret is revealed that Kuu is (dum roll please…) an absolute Angel!

Ka-tang! So Kyoshiro will have to destroy her, too? As we were pondering on this, Kyoshiro comes with Setuna and attempts to save Kuu, of course he doesn’t come right away, but he sent Setuna (poor girl can’t help herself but wanting to be used by him) to trick Batras to follow her, and so with Batra’s unwillingly help, they save Kuu. We also learn of an important thing about Kyoshiro’s “perfect” older brother – that he may have been just as bad as Mika and others. Anyway, on with the eps 7 details:

So in eps 7, the same type of monologue begins with Kuu being ecstatic in her way for a little bit. “Banzai! Banzai! Banzai-desu!” She is happy that she’s getting together with Kyoshiro, even though there isn’t anything like a dating relationship or whatever, but her joy soon turned to sadness as she spoke of loving Kyoshiro unto her death.

As the episode begin, Kuu and Setuna goes shopping in the Shopping school, preparing for the Big School Festival. Kuu’s looking forward to this and she wants to invite Kyoshiro – the Big Festival is where a girl can invite a boy to dance by giving him a card (like shown in the beginning of episode 1), and supposedly they will be happy forever. She buys an invitation form as Setuna watches on, probably understanding the meaning but not showing any emotion as usual.

The scene switches to the school library, where Jin of the Public Morality Squad chats with Kyoshiro about how great it is to have the 5th Absolute Angel.
Jin’s tone and mostly the fact that Kuu is an absolute angel seems to make Kyoshiro angry. Jin talks about Kuu as if she were an object. “She has her uses,” he said. “We have devices to adjust Absolute Angels, when you OK it, we’ll allow the adjustment/repairs immediately.”

As Jin congretulating Kyoshiro about achieving his goals, Kyoshiro seems disgusted and then walks away. Jin muses about a perfect ending, as Kyoshiro rides away in a hurry outside of the library.

Kuu tries to write her invitation but she has no idea what to do. As she tries to design the outside, she remembers the scene where she imagines Kyoshiro stabs her in the chest with katana.
She is shaken.

Setsuna comes in and hugs her from behind, informing that Kyoshiro asked her to do so. Kuu pushes Setsuna on to her bed and cries about being an Angel on Setsuna’s chest.

Kuu goes to the shower room to give the fans some service…I mean to take a shower, while Setsuna dusts the floor. Setsuna discovers in Kuu’s notebook, there’s a heart with Kyu’s name and Kyoshiro’s name in it. Setsuna wanted to destroy it with her mecha, but closed the notebook instead.
Kuu goes to the house phone (you know, I’ve never noticed any cell phones in this show, considering cell phones are super popular in Japan) to call her friend, but didn’t have the courage to pick up the phone after her friend finally answered.

Kyoshiro plays his violin and thinks back or perhaps imagines about angels and feathers falling. He’s in doubt as to what to do. A string on his violin snaps and he throws the violin down in disgust. He calls out to his dead brother for an answer.

Soujiro, Kyoshiro’s other older brother ponders about the situation between the school rivals while Batras serves the fan with cute moe things and riding on a giant fish and playing with the fish, while vowing to destroy Kyoshiro and crew.

Mika’s letting her adjustment/wrecking hammering machine pounding on the chest of Chicane…damn it, I meant Kaon, dreaming about owning her alone, something to do with a nurse who was taking care of Mika in the past when Mika was young.
Of course the glasses girl that loves Kaon cries silently to herself.

Back to Kuu. A can is put on top of a wooden stake in the ground. Kuu is trying to use her absolute angel powers. She thinks back of some short time ago she asks Setsuna how to active Mecha (would that be, Amuro Ray, ikimasu? Arch Angel, hassin? J/K). Setsuna told her about remembering the important person or thing, and finally tells her that the answer is in her heart.

No matter how hard Kuu tries she can’t get a Mecha to come out. She’s tired and she recalls how much she loves Kyoshiro (wow, actually I think the length of time she grown to love him is rather short), she uses last of her strength but nothing comes out. She collapses in the water puddle in front of her.
She’s watching two fireflies together on a leaf, while in another presumably school (it really looks like a castle), another long haired woman, who’s wearing green gown with a winged(?) hat
sees a feather falling into her hands. “It comes here,” she says. Then she’s surrounded by a light and flies into the night sky.

Kyoshiro comes back on his horse, while Kuu showers for the gazillionth time and is wallowed in her defeat. As she heard Setsuna greets Kyoshiro, she decides on something.

Kyoshiro skips the elaborate and delicious looking dinner and tells Setsuna to leave him alone for a while.

As he lies on his bed, Kuu opens the door and barges in uninvited. She tells Kyoshiro: “I can do anything if I’m able,” while taking off her clothes. She continues: “, I’ll do anything you want.” After she gets naked, the crest on her chest glows brightly,
and she walks up to his chest, leaning against it her face flushes and she shut her eyes tightly. As the music plays Kyoshiro struggles a little bit before putting his hands on her shoulder, saying: “bakayaro!”

My thoughts:
This eps is mostly about the struggles and contemplations of the various characters with different motivations and shaky convictions. Kyoshiro thought that all absolute angels must be destroyed. If all of them were like Setsuna or Kaon that would probably be easier since they don’t seem to feel anything. Batras’s a crazed cat girl and Kyoshiro’s character doesn’t seem like the type that would have sympathy on her. But after encountering with Kuu his thoughts changed, especially because Kuu has real feelings and act like real person. This type of plot is nothing too new but they seem to do a decent job showing all the conflicts. Since the plot progresses very quickly I do think there’s not enough time to develop Kuu and Kyoshiro’s feelings, or the feelings and motivations of some of the side characters. Soujiro+Batras team doesn’t seem to have a big impact on the plot. One character worthy of mentioning is Ayanokoi Mika, played by Tanaka Atsuko, who plays the ambitious and obsessed older sister whose motivations aren’t quite clear yet. Being a long time expert seiyuu Atsuko-san’s performance stands out among the cast. Kawasumi Ayako’s Kaon really doesn’t have much characters and Ayako-san gets no chance to show her voice acting skills.

The show does turn more interesting but aside from the animation and the cute female characters, I don’t think it’s as good as Kannazuki no Miko. Let’s see what happens.

Author: Ray

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