Sketchbook – Full Colors 6 – The wonder of it all.


I’m sorry I don’t remember much about 5, but I know I was relaxed and longing for an atmosphere like that. For episode 6…

Maybe I’ve lived in crowded places for too long that I’ve forgotten how leisurely the countryside is like.

I remember my lazy summers in Taiwan when I was a child. It was hot but it was really peaceful. Then I remembered my lazy summers in the suburbs of States. I pretty much felt the same way.

Anyway, having 2 backgrounds really helps me to understand the feelings that Sora expressed in episode 6. There’s a special charm about schools in Asia in the summer time when no one’s around. The desks, the classrooms often with windows looking out to the yard or even the countryside, the oddly leisurely feeling that people never felt during the extremely stressful and competitive school year, and other feelings make the school in summer time much more different.

I know back in States, nobody cared to come to school just for fun, because there’s nothing there. There’s just so little love and mysterious feelings about schools in the US that everyone just can’t wait to get out and wish to never come back.

In Asia, students often stayed in one room, and the teachers come to them, so you’ll have different teachers for each period. The classroom is sometimes like the cubicle – your cubicle, where you can place your things, leave your marks, and make it your home base away from home.

In States, students move from class to class, and while that supposed to create more opportunities for making different friends from different classes, that also means each classroom simply don’t matter much.

Bear in mind these are just my views. You certainly may feel very different about classrooms wherever you are.

Perhaps I’m more Asian and I would’ve fit better in Asia had I stayed. I feel that I definitely prefer the environment depicted in Sketchbook full colors as opposed to Rockville, Maryland.

In any case, watch the episode and if you enjoy shows that helps you to relax and get a peek into a more leisurely portrayal of a typical Japanese student’s life, watch this episode.

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