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Kanamemo 11 – Getting sick

In today’s episode, one by one, half of the gang falls sick, possibly due to the flu but we don’t know that. The entire episode is filled with poor little Kana running around worrying about people and sick bishojo as well as some fan services in thoughts. In the second half, Kana gets sick and we find out why is it that she just does so much – she’s insecure about her place in this delivery agency; it is her belief that if she becomes less useful for whatever reason, she’ll be abandoned behind and the feeling of loneliness when her grandmother passed away will return.

It’s not a emotionally heavy show and so that there isn’t a huge explosion of feeling nor does it explore feelings deeply. But Kana wonders if she can be an independent person while harboring insecurities about her ability to contribute to the group. All in all, a standard Japanese fear being presented with moe blobs.

If anyone actually watches this show, don’t think, feel. For all the lolicons out there, enjoy the loli moe blob running around.

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