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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd season 24 – Confessions

Finally, the plot is moving again! Hinagiku confesses…to Ayumu!

Nagi is lonely and Hayate…is there to hold her hand!

The cherry blossom blooms and the strength of everyone is showing!

Sakuya confesses all too suddenly about wanting Hayate to be her oniichan!

Ayumu doesn’t care about the extra competition!

Sakuya’s father does comedic relief!

Everyone is coming clean and sharing their true thoughts. Of course, Hayate does something silly, and Nagi is able to borrow that and smack it down with her tsundere power; in other words, Hayate gives her a way out and a comfort zone, where she can really just rely on.

Nagi says something that everyone in real life has to go through – everyone will leave you sometime.

Right? Well, you know, when people are together, there are so many things to be treasured so that when people drift apart, these wonderful memories will remain.

Perhaps that’s just another important part in life.

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