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Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino – bad, graphic novel, cheaper, and subpar.

Oh and don’t forget the rather generic dating-sim-turn-anime music, too.

There are a lot of dating sim graphic novels with different themes. This show could very well be one of them…Wait a minute!

Isn’t this supposed to be the anime continuation of Gunslinger Girl, the often poignant, high production quality with emotional restraint and yet often hits so hard show? Isn’t it?

But God! This just felt so…cheap and low budgeted.

The animation is nothing to write home about, the music pieces sound like they’re from a 3rd rate school dating sim, and the voice actresses…Gosh, isn’t the whole anime industry moe enough already??? Do they have to go and destroy Gunslinger Girl, too? The original wonderful soundtrack and the bitter and tear worthy ending song, gone; replaced with school drama songs that don’t touch most people’s souls any more because they’re so common place in anime.

Why not put Henrietta, Jose, and the rest of them in a Japanese high school? A high school with guns, perhaps?

Where’s the poignancy? Where’s the drama? Where’s the point where tears seems awfully appropriate but something chokes them off?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t tell me this is only the first episode. This is the first episode that starts off with the wrong foot and seemingly heading toward disaster.

IT’S A BAD SHOW. If it doesn’t improve (but the animation, seiyuu, OP and ED won’t change right), then please, don’t waste your time.


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