Gundam 00 ep 14 – Could there be ANY danger of the Gundams losing?


No. Haven’t you seen GW where one gundam can wipe out 100-plus mobile suits? Here, the Gundams are almost god-like, which is even more powerful than GW Gundams, despite whatever that guy said. Yes, THAT guy.

Hey, don’t get pissed at me. More characters have been added to this episode (and it’s all still very confusing and annoying)…For yaoi fan’s pleasure – GAR and little brother/younger man. That’s right, the dude who was doing one arm push ups and the sissy (yep, you read that, another sissy) who was wearing a one piece (is that for girls? I know, I know, 50’s man swimsuits).

In any case, Heero Yui…I mean Setuna goes to Marina Ismael (gosh I love her long black hair and lith body…but no way in hell would a Muslim country accept a woman leader) and ask her some stupid question: “Why is the world twisted?” And OF COURSE she gives an answer that says that God/god/Allah/Real Master/whatever is fair, it’s just people…

Oooh. Trying to comfort him? But we know that people are evil already and Marina is Relena-like idealist. Gosh, get the heroine a new personality or something!

The ending theme changes to these 4 gay guys having a Bar-B-Q on beach (middle eastern style?) And of course to the delight of yaoi fan girls, Setsuna strips naked.

Thanks to Sumeragi’s breasts, the day is saved (for me)!

So, another useless effort by normal earth-dwelling peasants trying to fight off heavenly invaders who live among resource rocks floating in space near the COLONIES THAT THE US BUILT.

Nice reference there, son. But we all know in reality, not Japan but US will make colonies in space, if that were to happen, har har har har har har!

Good luck fighting the fat Gundam greasing up and stroking that BFG.

That scientist dude with the long pony tail just shows the secret military data to Sumeragi, a supposedly civilian personnel, trying to impress her or something so she’d go out with him and sleep with him; I mean, big breasts would make a man lose his intelligence and show just about any high-level sensitive data to the girl, right? Makes a hell lot of sense especially when all she wears are small tops that shows clevege and she drinks a ton.

So here’s a tip, kind of be firm and ask her to stay and buy her expensive drinks! Duh! Twin peaks are within your grasp…Oh I get it. I know why the doc can’t score with Sumeragi.

Because that would severely displease all the yaoi fan girls who wants the Captain to do the doc in the ass.

I’m in despair over how gundam has turned out.

Yeah, oh well, we do have plot improvement. But I think they should officially place Gundam 00 as a shojo anime and draw a shojo manga for it. After all, Escaflowne came out of a shojo manga.

But Escaflowne has a better plot, better music, better characters (not a massive number of them), better conflict, oh and not to mention…

The main guy actually gets a girl!

Author: Ray

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4 thoughts on “Gundam 00 ep 14 – Could there be ANY danger of the Gundams losing?

  1. Escaflowne was really, really big budgeted for a 1997 anime

    That quality of development (both plot and characters) and awesomeness of the twists also came out from Mr. Benjamin.

    Here, the competition in the market is going to the direction of saturation (new studios, cheaper production from Korea/Phil, more use of cell-shading >>> many, many small studios)

    So, more and more crappiness will ensue. This can’t compare with 90’s animes; that we both know.

  2. @rev – well, yeah. There are more competitions out there and some cells are being drawn by Koreans, who actually do pretty good work these days, and other places (even Vietnam) that may not be so good. Escaflowne did receive a big budget. Bear in mind however, that Bandai, a rich corporation, is behind anything Gundam these days. The animation and the music of Gundam 00, while almost entirely opposite my taste, are anything but cheap.
    Of course your speculation is dead on. I believe the studios are desperate and will try to turn anything into a hit. But my main complain with Gundam 00 so far is how inferior it compares with previous Gundam series. DO bear in mind that the plot is getting better – but I still smell fangirl – pleasing situation. “Oh…These guys are so brave! Oh, Tierre is so cool, ordering that big-boobed bitch around…” and other stuff like that. Now if this weren’t gundam, I’d be perfectly OK with that – because I wouldn’t be watching it, but this incarnation of Gundam destroyed the soul of Gundam with too much fan baits.

  3. hey, yes there may be ungodly aomounts of yaoi in this show, but come on: at least it has more than one girl character. not like gundam wing.

    who had THREE.

    and besides, yes we are reusing all the other plot devices from GW. Setsuna is motherfucking heero, marina is (a hotter version of)relena(less bitchy, too). plus we get ali al sarshes. COME ON, he’s awesome. he’s a muslim and he’s a terrorist. just wait until this shit hits the US.

    so yeah, it can,t really compare to universal century gundam. it’s still less gay than Code geass.

  4. Yeah, I haven’t been fair about this show. From what I’ve heard, it got a lot better after this episode (I believe this was where I stopped). I think I’ll rewatch the entire series after its run is over.

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