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Eve no Jikan 2 – who has the right to own you?

Sorry if the questions seem rather old (especially if you’re a Ismov and more recently, STN fan), but…

Who owns you?

Do you have the rights to move as you please?

Are you allowed to function beyond your proscribed limits?

Rikuo is dealing with that right now as we speak (in the creator’s mind).

It’s rather odd that the store owner is imposing some sort of protection for the androids. In the US Rikuo would’ve demanded to be let out right away and perhaps threaten to sue her for not letting him leave.

After all, he’s just going to recover his thing…right?

I see this as another subversion of the maid-robot idea, sort of like Chobits but not quite (incidentially, Tanaka Rie, who plays Sammy in this show, played Chi in Chobits).

Imagine: the Japanese truly creates something really human (women) like and now they actually have real thoughts, hearts, emotions and other things that Data’s emotion chip would do…

You now own one (her), but you didn’t know that, and all of the sudden, you discover that your “Chi” is doing something behind your back, how would you react?

Can you trust this android who often crosses the “Strange Valley”?

The 3 laws of robotics are mentioned here, but that just makes the whole thing so safe. No harm done, right?

I want this to get edgier, but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. Judging from the sweet thing that Rikuo says and that Sammy smiles after, I’m not hopeful for some edginess at all.

I prophecy that this will turn into another sweet, Otaku/fan/hollywood I mean/average Japanese male pleasing show (cup out) at the end. Just like Chobits, Matrix, and countless other shows.

Well, at least they’re trying. I do pray they will surprise me.

Nice animation as usual and the seiyuu power overshadows any inconsistencies (if any).

At this point, playing the guessing game maybe the perfect answer to it all.

You know, I’d love to see that the so-called “Humans” here are under the experiment…

P.S. Mike, time for your theology…

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