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El Cazador 25 – Please just end it here…Oh wait, there’s MORE?

Sigh (and how many times did I start a review for this show with a “sigh”?).

I wasn’t really surprised when they didn’t have a 10 minute shoot out between Nadie and Rosenberg. I really wasn’t even though I actually prayed for it. But see, somewhere deep inside me, I really wished that they would have one. I thought for the end of this series and trilogy, they would at least want to reward the action fans (read: me) who have stuck to their guns and followed this show to the end, hoping against hope for a miracle – a spectacular shoot out reminiscent of Noir, please please, just one episode (the Winnebago episode doesn’t even come close to the standard of Noir).

My heart was racing when it looked like the showdown between Nadie/Elis and Rosenberg will be a brilliant gun fight sequence laced with magic and explosions, and you know what?

Instead we got what a lot of panting yuri fangirls want – Nadie gently holding Elis’ hands and letting the combined power of Sailor Nadie and the often clueless Sailor Elis defeat Rosenberg. How sweet! In the name of Love and Justice, we’ll punish you!

I was chanting: “Moon…heart…gorgeous…Yuri…SHOT!” And that’s when the gun went off.

Of course Rosenberg goes down.

Then Jody narrates that their journey is finally coming to an end.


Oh no, there’s more???

I was severely tempted to purposely cut this review into 2 posts to parallel what they did. I mean, it’s simply anti-climatic!

There’s going to be an episode 26! Why? The boss is dead, the Winan Marka/Palace of Doom/Fortress of Darkness/whatever cliched place is destroyed because of explosions, and Nadie and Elis win the day! Yay! So what? If they didn’t drag this show out so far they could’ve ended it all back in episode 24! With the epilogue nice and short but tells us everything we need to know!

This is the same feeling I got after reading Lord of the Ring Trilogy books. Sure, it was kind of fun seeing the hobbits going home and cleaning up their hometown, but the bottom line is, I really couldn’t careless about that! The world is saved! And it’s a fantasy story! Let me savor the moment and leave me with a good taste in my mouth! No, in real world it’s not that clean and clear cut, but folks, this ISN’T the real world! It’s anime!!! The realism would’ve been fine had they ended it on episode 25. But no, they’re going to clean up everything in a full 22-minute episode 26.

Maybe some of you would say, well isn’t that wonderful? We get to really learn about everything! Well, someone please enlighten me what else is there to learn? We know who killed the doc, we know why Rosenberg did what he did, and we know that Nadie and Elis + Jody are going to have a three-some great life-long friendship and Ricardo and Lilio are probably going to continue bounty hunting…Oh right, Lilio appears to be a witch, too, just like Jody. So what? How does that even matter besides the fact that the Chairwoman can channel through her?

Leaving some of these tidbits unexplained is often the charm and maybe even the saving grace of mediocre shows – these things can make them cult favorites, which means more interests will be generated. To me, continuing on with another episode just to make it a full 26 episode is very unwise. Now the show will surely turn into a yuri-for-women hunger drive. It could’ve been a cult favorite with a large base of yuri fan girls, but now it’ll probably be a yuri fangirl’s pleasure watch.

I wish I were shot with that bullet which killed Rosenberg.

Well, good news fangirls folks, I guess for those who wants to look back and savor the journey Nadie and Elis has been taking can situate yourselves in front of the TV for 22 minutes of non-stop dialogue (obviously that’s only a guess) that will probably explain everything that we’ve already learned and/or guessed 10 episodes back. But at least we get to see more Nadie spending precious time with Elis, oh and, don’t forget to add Jody to the lovefest.

I’m not even going to recommend this episode, except the part where Nadie struggled on pulling the trigger and shooting Elis. If I were to watch this episode again (yeah right), I would watch 5 minutes in the beginning, then watch the scene where Elis begs Nadie to shoot her, and then watch Rosenberg goes down.

THE END. No really, my reviews for El Cazador at least ends here unless they do something really surprising or beyond my wildest imagination for episode 26. But I doubt it.

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