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Durarara -Exceptional! Part 3

So we come to this. The triangle of forces is complete. The three are established.

Who could’ve guessed that Hanazawa Kana’s Anri has more than just looks?

Oh of course, she’s an easy target, right? Big breasts, glasses, shy…all the classic traits of a meganeko. Just add “clumsy” to the ingredient mix and you would’ve got a popular character, right?

Nah, this is DRRR. Don’t look for an easy way out because the show doesn’t offer one.

Anyone ever wonders why Anri always manages to get out of a jam? Actually, anyone ever wonders why some characters always get out of a jam so easily? Why is that someone’s always there to rescue her? Dramatic convenience? Not here.

The robber went to her house and killed the entire household save her. How did she get out of that one? She just closed herself up and pretend there was nothing going on.

Oh that would work for Eva. That would work perfectly for Eva, not to mention shows that are below Eva’s caliber. But see, DRRR isn’t going to serve you BS.

Were you as surprised I was when she blocked the kitchen knife with her forearm? I was stunnded and puzzled. OK, so she somehow got out of a stabby-stab-party at her place by pretending of being absent from it all…Yeah, that didn’t sound right. But for any other run-of-the-mill show, that would’ve surficed as a good answer. After all, it doesn’t have to make sense as long as the meganeko survives.

Oh but what a surprise.

So, there is now a “gang” composed of those who are possessed by Saiga, the demon sword, and the “gang” has a “leader”.

The Saiga incident has pissed Masaomi enough that he’s now back as the leader of the Yellow Scarf Gang. He and his gang will be going after the Saiga “gang”.

Surprise! He thought the Saiga “gang” was hurting Anri, but look who’s technically in charge of that gang now?

Oh and, he’s pissed at Dollarz, whose “leader” is his other best friend.

The Three are on stage and the conflict, which is orchestrated by Izaya, is about to be played in full force.

Be ready for the rest of the show. It’s going to be an exhilarating ride to the finish.

I hope.

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