Code Geass R2, Episode 8–What a Twist!

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What a twist!

The most important question for this episode is “what is a Japanese?” Toudou and Suzaku take opposite positions, but both want to do what is best for Japan. Suzaku wants to work from the inside. In doing this, he has earned the hatred of the Japanese. He dresses in Brittanian clothing and only tries to dress in traditional Japanese style when training. Really, though, he is just complicit in oppressing the Japanese and preventing their freedom. Toudou, on the other hand, is fighting for the freedom of Japan. He is willing to lay it all down, but his efforts are futile without Zero leading him and guiding his steps. Toudou, however, is willing to change and trust Zero while Suzaku is setting himself against Zero.

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Lelouch is back to his old tricks. He is maneuvering and scheming to get his goals meet. His move to get the Black Knights exiled means that they will not be around to help him, or that he would have to bring them back in order to free Japan. Lelouch is at square one of his goal to create a world for his friends. He does not have an army and he has to keep from hurting Nunally. Honestly, it would be great for him to devise a whole new persona and use a whole other means to get to his end.

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One thing that was striking was the lack of Kallen. Kallen had such an important role in the last episode that one would expect her to be around for this episode as well. It raises questions about what she would have thought about Zero’s plan. Since she is in Zero’s inner circle, it is important to see what a real Japanese person would feel about the plan that Zero orchestrated.

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  1. No, he still has his army. He took all 1 million of them with him off of Area 11. So he’s not at square one. Actually, he is advancing more cause now his long term goal of destroying Britannia has moved globally and not just in Area 11. He left the remaining Japanese to Suzaku and Nunnally, making Suzaku promise him that he would protect them.

  2. I was largely meaning that in Japan he did not have an army. Why get everyone exiled if he was going to bring them back? Although if the show moves away from Japan that will be novel I guess

  3. Everything will move away from japan eventually >.> and i’m quite sure they are gonna liberate other areas aswell

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