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Code Geass R2, Episode 2

Everyone has a geass.

Last season only two people had a geass, but now everyone does. This could be an ominous sign. If everyone is super-powered, then it could be just like every other anime where a parade of increasingly powerful foes come out and challenge the hero. One clue that this is happening is that there are the 12 Knights of the Round Table that are apparently the strongest knights in the empire. I guess Japan was not a serious enough situation to warrant their presence, but killing off royalty makes it completely cool now. I predict that at some point Zero will face them and even more people with geasses (geasi?). Hopefully this will not turn into a situation of just more powerful enemies.

Zero is really becoming a Christ figure for the Japanese. He appears from the dead, promising to liberate them from the world they live in. He is very charismatic, drawing the people to him, showing that even a former Britannian official like Diethard is in love with Zero (even though the real Zero is incredibly Machiavellian). He sneaks around behind everyone’s back, planning all sorts of complicated moves that in the end make him look great no matter who he hurts. Apparently he can plan the assassination of the governor-general on the fly. The emperor is also incredibly Machiavellian in his brainwashing of Lelouch and sending him back to Japan.

One huge question is just that: “Why the hell does the emperor send Lelouch back to Japan?” If I were ever in control of a country and captured the leading rebel, I would kill ‘em. Not even give him a chance for him to go back and cause another ruckus. Also, the Emperor has a weird room that he shows to Suzaki. Why does the king show something so essential to his power to someone who is not even a citizen? The Emperor just seems to be a complete ass that should have lost his power a long time ago.

Surprises from this episode include China throwing in with Zero. Definitely gonna be some fun with that twist. Finding out what will happen with Rollo is going to be interesting. If he kidnaps C.C., then I will be disappointed. But he could be fun if he has his own agenda. The Emperor’s geass is not surprising, but it is nice to know what it is.

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