Code Geass R2 episode 25– not bad, not bad at all.


I liked that episode. It reached that epic point that drew me in and made me forget everything around me. The post part of the episode was wrapped in a dialogue of what the various plans for the future are. They more or less are the same for both sides. Lelouch never lets anyone know his real thoughts. I kept wondering why he never explained himself to Nunnally. I think that he could have done that and she would have understood. There is the chance that she would not understand but hey I didn’t write it.

Suzaku is amazing. So it looks like he gets killed. I thought he finally got what he deserved. But then he takes on the responsibility and that is startling. Lelouch summed it up great when he stated it was a punishment. No one can know who Zero is. He can never let anyone in to see who he really is. He has to put the world before himself and constantly live for justice. He lost the ability to be selfish. That is fitting for the ass who joined the system to work within the system.

Ok so I like the ending. He made the world hate him but then he got out of it in a tricky way so I liked it. I did not expect him to sacrifice himself like that for the world. So some of you are right that he tried to get the world to hate him, but the way they ended it did not make me angry. His body sliding down was awesome. Even in the end he is a tricky bastard winning. And the ending was a nice cap to the event.

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  1. the only way he would have been immortal is if he killed C.C., which he obviously didn’t.

    i think the series wrapped up nicely. it would have been nice if they would have gone into more detail about geass’ origins and about V.V. (who had a disappointingly short role in the series), but most of my questions were answered nicely.

  2. well it surely was an epic ending but i am still not sure if lelouch died , cause at the end when se raises the question and they show the paper swan i think he’s not dead but has disguised him self as the guy who is maneuvering the cart. and i am pretty sure sazaku knows abt it.

  3. besides that he’s a strategist and i am also sure that they both( lelouch and cc) were in love with each other so it wouldn’t end up like in a mystery that wether he died or not.

  4. A very nice ep to end this series. I have nothing to say about the blog entry but i do have things to say about lulu being alive.

    it is very possible that he is still alive. Here are a few reasons why i found from another blog.

    (Taken from

    “The most obvious reason would be CC calling to Lelouch in the closing scene of the episode. As we can assume CC to be still sane, she must be talking to someone, and that someone would most probably be the driver of the cart: Lelouch would have to be alive.

    Second, however, and this is where the others have thought things through, Lelouch is alive because he got his dad’s code. He beckoned the World of C to lend him its powers, and he took Charles’s code before Charles passed on. The reason why Lelouch still has his Geass is because he didn’t take the Code from the same person who gave him his Geass: he took his Geass from CC, and he took his Code from Charles. Thus, he now possesses both immortality and a Geass. This is also a reason that the title is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

    To further corroborate this, however, remember that when Nunnally held Lelouch’s hand he transferred his memories to her. CC also did it when Lelouch touched her accidentally back then, so it could be assumed that people with Codes are indeliberate telepaths. This leaves us with both immortals traversing the world for the rest of eternity.”

  5. I almost cried, but then I saw various hints that when I added up logically, it was obvious Lulu was alive. But HellsNova’s link is pretty reassuring too, might post it up on streaming sites. 😛

  6. I have to admit this was one of my favorite anime endings. This story was such an emotional roller coaster. At times I absolutely hated Lelouche and other times I was saying to myself “what a crafty bastard this guy is!”

    I’ve probably watched the ending about 5 times now and analyzed it several times and at between the telepathic memory transfer to nunnaly, Orange-Kun’s reactions and C.C.’s final words I think it’s pretty obvious that Lelouch is alive.

    However unlike what other people are saying I think it’s pretty obvious that C.C. gave lelouch her code so that he could pull it off. Because if you go back to the previous episode she told him to make sure he upholds his promise to make her die with a smile.

    I think that right before the parade, after all the plans for his assasination were made, he had C.C. transfer her code to him. Then afterwards he notified Jeramiah of his condition and plans. This is why I think Jeremiah was always smiling when Suzaku assasinated Lelouch as Zero…. he knew that Lelouch was immortal at that point.

    From a logistical standpoint it makes sense as well because Jeremiah would be the only logical one that would easily be able to wisk Lelouche’s body away so that he could reunite with C.C.

    Based upon Suzaku’s teary eyed reactions and Nunnally bawling her eyes out I don’t think either of them knew of his immortality.

    I do think that they hinted at lelouch’s fate a little vuagely because if you didn’t put the pieces together you wouldn’t have gotten it.

    What I think would have been the best and most dramatic way they could have done it would be to have C.C.’s hair blow away from her forehead to reveal that her code is gone right after she says “Eh Lelouch?”

    That would have been the perfect!

  7. and if any one hasn’t noticed the “orenge” guy smiled when lelouch died fr a moment and if i didn’t know any better i m pretty sure he is the only one except C.C. who knows that lelouch is alive,since he is so devoted to lelouch.wouldnt you all agree?

  8. well i noticed that as well and i also think “the orenge” wen he smiled and then he retreated, he didnt retreat be cause of the crowed but i think cuz he saw that if the crowd was near enogh they might see through the fake act….

  9. I think all the theories above are valid except one fact. Lelouch became the sacrafice for using Geass on people and so would be a bitch if he ran away from his punishment. Also if the people fond out he was still alive… how much shit does that cause? xD

  10. dude since he still has the geass he can convince anyone tht he is nt lelouch but some one else.and besides if u hadn’t notice he is covering his face. so how can anyone knw its him??

  11. I don’t know… death seems like an easy way out compaired to living in obscurity with no way to use your superior intellect in any public way, while living with your sins for the rest of eternity… Not only that you get to watch the woman you love grow old and die while you live on alone… that’s gotta suck pretty badly.

    and if he received the “Code” he would also his geass. And knowing lelouch he would most likely never give away the code or give away geass in the world because he’s seen the damage it can do.

    For some reason I just don’t see him failing to fullfill his promise to c.c.

  12. I actually think that he’s dead. One reason being… if he got the geass from Charles we wouldn’t be able to Geass Nunally or anyone for that matter.

    If he would received the Geass from C.C. she would probably have killed herself already giving the fact that she wanted to finish “the accumulation of experiences” as she told Kallen when they were fitting and the latter ask her if she was inlove with Lulu.

    If Suzaku “knew” that Lelouch was immortal he wouldn’t cry as he did. Nor would Nunally, who apparently has the power to know what is in peoples mind when she touches their hand (You can check several episodes for this, example: when she grabes the misters hand and new that the japaneses people were not in her best interests and 2. When Suzaku didn’t let Nunally touch his hand because he was lying to her). I’m amazed that nobody has talked about this.

    And the last one: Why was C.C. praying then? Because it was gonna hurt Lulu? I don’t think so. If she knew he was gonna be alive she’ll probably just wait for him somewhere.

    For orange-kun stand of point… I think he was happy because he was FINALLY following the orders of some honorable and knew that he wanted people’s peace.

    Now if you look at the last episode… Nunally stays with the body and Orange-kun runs away along with the other soldiers… I don’t think Nunally or Suzaku would let anyone to take Lulu’s body.

    And finally… if you know that the WHOLE world knows your face (international tv can put you in the fame and specially if you are consider a dictator) it would be really hard to hide :S and if you look at the picture of the guy driving the car he has white hair and if you look carefully also wrinkles.

  13. ok i agree that lelouch had to have the code but every one is forgetting when lelouch and suzaku alone they were talking and lelouch specially said that he would gamble with his “geass” and i am pretty sure that provides a strong proof itself that only “orange” knew and i am pretty sure C.C. came to know abt it later which means he is alive but i do agree that he had obtained the geass of longevity noT frm C.C. but charles

    btw heres the link that proves it:

    the part where lelouch says he is gonna gamble his geass

  14. my dear friend i just want to let u know that he has the geass of absolute command and if he has the same geass as charles i m pretty sure he has advanced it to a point where he can replace memories of others just like his father,btw if you think that is wrong and lelouch is actually dead can u explain the sudden change in kallen’s tone when she said thats zero,with out hesitating i am pretty sure she knew the plan……

  15. but the above link is not very knowledgeable…….so it just fr those who believe lelouch is dead is a simple reference ………

  16. I did watch it one more time… I think what he met when he said: I’m gonna gamble on the WHISH KNOWN AS PEOPLE WISHES… was that he wasn’t sure if his plan was going to bring peace because he wasn’t sure that it was what people wanted but he was going to gamble that it was.

    Now, you said that he got it from charles… go back to the episode in the world of C… didn’t C.C. said that you lose your the power to cast a geass once you obtain the immortality?? How did he used in all that people then if he did???

    I’m not trying to fight or anything… I just think that we could analyze things clearly as they were presented in all the episodes. And it does not matter what that discussion board saids. I’m sure there are others where the majority of the people think that he’s alive. I mean it would be nice… but not likely.

  17. I’m gonna gamble on the GEASS KNOWN AS PEOPLE WISHES… uppsy


  18. Look i agree that u are entitled to your opinion, and i am not starting an argument here acoording to wwhat an individual has an opinion sucha s myself, i am just givbing everyone what i think, i am not forcing it, i am not saying ” hey i am right and you are wrong, OR U GT TO ABEY WAT I SAY” i am not saying that i am just providing proofs that i feel are right as a perception. everyone here is just discussing it and well if you want to be so imposing of your opinion go a head but u should know that there is a freedom of opinion here and chill dont have to be all offensive abt it, everyone is just discussing. But i stand by my staement.

  19. Hello again friends! let me post my opinion on other people’s opinion shall I?

    Let me focus mostly on asoch_3 since i have at least some reason to back up my disagreement.

    First off let me clarify quickly the “Code” and the “Geass.”

    Geass is the the power you have given to you by one who has the code. Once the geass slowly develops from one eye to both eyes, the one with the code can transfer his or her code to the geass user and thus killing the one who had the code and the geass user becoming the new code owner thus becoming immortal and losing there geass.

    This is only theory but this can only be the case if the the code given to the geass user was the code that gave the geass user the geass in the first place.

    Allow me to go into a bit of detail.

    While in the World of C when Lulu was fighting off his parents, his geass matured into both of his eyes thus being able for a code transfer. This happened BEFORE he killed off his parents or more specifically, Charles. When lulu finally killed him off, lulu gained his fathers code.

    But wait a second, he still had his geass. Why is that u ask? Lets think back for a moment.

    When C.C. gained her code from the F’ed up nun she was covered in her own blood bleeding and near death. The nun knew she could then transfer her code to C.C.

    When Lulu was stabbed he was bleeding and near death as well. That was when his code activated as he fell to nunnally.

    This brings me to the next theory i support.

    Back from Season 1 and parts of Season 2, whenever anyone touched C.C. while she had her code they would go through a flash of memories. If we assume lulu gained his father’s code when he fell to his sister and she touched his right hand, (the same hand as the code crest on Charles had when he had the code), that would be the reason why she had a flash of his brother’s memories when she touched his hand.

    Now when it comes to the other times Nunnally touched other peoples hands, all i can say is that blind people have a way of knowing wat others are really thinking when they touch them. One such example would be an ep of Cowboy Beepbop. (I think i misspelled that but u know wat show im talking about.)

    When Suzaku crying when he stabbed lulu, the on reason i can say behind that he didnt even know about how the code works entirely.

    referring to C.C. crying all i can say is they were tears of happiness but i could be easily wrong about that.

    “And finally… if you know that the WHOLE world knows your face (international tv can put you in the fame and specially if you are consider a dictator) it would be really hard to hide :S and if you look at the picture of the guy driving the car he has white hair and if you look carefully also wrinkles.”

    im sure its easy to disguise yourself in that day and age and apart from the white hair and wrinkles, i see no wrinkles and the white is part of his clothes.

    Lastly I would like to quickly say about the Wishes comment that lulu said is that in my opinion it simply means that everyone wishes for peace in the world and lulu will try and archive that wish by gambling with the geass.

    This is my opinion that i stand by. I’m not saying its right and ur wrong. Everyone is free to opinions. even if it is about other peoples opinions.

  20. i think yous are right hellsnova cause if we go back lelouch’s maid also disguised her self as lelouch when sherly was alive and the president was playing that game before she left the academy.

  21. I’m confused…. what does Sayoko have anything to do with anything? What game do you speak of?

    (let me just say i often skip the fillers that include school events and such. I know i wasn’t missing much.)

  22. well i am merely implying that like, if u remember in one of the episode where Sayoko disguises las lelouch as he is away, right. So i am agreeing just like her wearing a mask of lelouch in tht episode it can be same as lelouch might be wearing a mask of some other face so that he is not recognized i will post the link to just make clear wat i am talking abt. But i seem to recall an episode like that…… but i dont remember which one was it…as soon as i figure it out i will post it so that you can have a clear view of what i am talk about is it ok??

  23. Lelouch’s eyes both glow after defeating Charles (in the same way Charles’s did) and he can now control his geass with out use of his contact lenses. evidence that Lelouche took charel’s code and is therefore immortal. C.C. could have been praying for any number of reasons, as she said “I’m not a god” and would not know if Lelouch’s plan would work. In order to effectively fake his own death Lelouche would have to make everyone else believe he died including Susaku.

  24. As far as I understood from the Wolrd of C and from Maos ARC when both of the eyes glow it does not mean you have taken the code… but that you have evolved you power to the point that you could take it.

    The fact that Lulu did not have a code anywhere to me means that he never got the code. Plus, if anybody remember when C.C. got the code she was completely find… she was naked but healthy and talking how she was bored of everybody just fakely loving her to the nun and then the nun gave her the geass and then she was bleeding and looking like she was raped. You can look at the pictures here

    Now, what people say about looking into the future for the code and geass effect. I think when they do that you see the images from the world of C, like suzaku, anya, and lulu did… and Nunally did not see that. So, it is hard for me to believe that. Plus, the nun wanted to give the geass to C.C. and V.V. wanted to give it to Charles (I highly doubt that Charles kill V.V.)… And that makes me think that geass is something you kinda wanna pass on to the next person and I doubt that Charles wanted to give it to Lulu (especially ’cause it told him that he was gonna lose against Schneizel… if he knew that Lulu was immortal wouldn’t you expect that he wouldn’t make that statement?)…

    Just my conclusions… I don’t want to make anybody to change their mind mister lelouch but I do think that the overall contest of the story starting with season r1 to r2 give more towards lulu dying… and I mean that wouldn’t be the first time in anime, would it? Air… main character dye (Mitsuzu)… Clannad… heroine dye… Eva… everybody but Asuka and Shingi die…

  25. As Lulu before me i will not die!

    To the comment from Paulie i would agree with asoch_3 comment to ur comment.

    As for the rest of wat asoch_3 im afraid ill have to disagree again.

    To ur first comment, all u did was further prove my previous point about how to get the code by bleeding massively and near death or at the very least bleeding alot. Lulu had a code, (Charles code in my opinion.), but could not use it because he was not near death and bleeding (or either one of the two u get the idea). Then when he was stabbed the code activated or at least started to.

    When it comes to the “hand touching,” I don’t quite remember Anya seeing the World of C and all i can get on is Sunrise’s many plot holes and failures (in the plot).

    Lastly for giving the code to others, a very valid point but i think anyone who can kill off someone with the code, (assuming they died and not go to some other universe), can gain there code.

    Now i do think many of ur points asoch_3 are very reasonable i still stand behind my own only for the fact that NONE of us have ANY definite proof for ANY of our opinions because in the end all this is is fan boy speculation which i think is fun to talk about. 🙂

  26. I think you’re right in that we’ll never know what really happened… we can only guess and make our best assumptions.

    But what I think is that this is one of sunrise best tactics to make people go and buy the DVD. I’m sure they will put more proofs of what really happened afterwards… like with those pciture dramas in R1 DVD.

  27. those who say that lelouch is dead,you better watch this you dumbass fools…look at the color of the eye of the wagon driver…the color of the eye of lelouch is the same as the color of the eye of the driver…..there is no need for an argument for those who say that lelouch is dead because it is clearly seen in the last part that he is alive..DAMN!!

  28. Lelouch is not dead. I have many reasons. C.C. has the power to make everyone love her. Yes. true. but she also has the power of eternal life. Many episodes, she dies, or comes close to death. When Black nights attack cornelia for the first time. They failed, and C.C. had that Sharp rock go right into her chest and rip up. She healed 100%. 

    C.C. Gave Lelouch her Geass, well shared. Which means, not only did he get it, but he got some of her traits too. Notice how everyone in the school LOVED lelouch. Even strangers. Madam president. Kalen. C.C. even. The school girls. Shurly. Even his sisters loved him. (Not like that) Which means he got some of C.C’s power of everyone loving him. Which means he Should have the eternality part. Or some of it. Easy rejuvenation.

    C.C.’s Power also allows when she is using geass, when people touch her, she reveals memories. That happens at the end when Lelouch ‘Dies’. It was to plot a play. There was news all over the world. Perfect set up. Kalen, and Orange boy knew Lelouch’s Identity. Lady Cornelia too. Theres a episode some where, she see’s Zero, as lelouch. something like that.

    Lastly, There’s the japanese version of the ending. In it, when C.C. says “eh lelouch?” it forwards down to the driver and shows Lelouch’s face smiling, the eyes covered, his hair showing.

  29. I agree with leleoch le bretenia to most extent except the part where you are saying tht lelouch is liked by all ….that part I believe to be  because of his personality and his status as vice president in the student council, and as far as milly     (student council presedent)is concerned  she likes him because her family too lelouch and his sister in….so thts more of a friend cause she and let me explain that every girl in school likes him, is because of his nature and personality, while i am on the subject, i would alos like to get you attention on the fact that  every girl(known and unknown to him) liked or loved him befor he realized his geass power was restored. And I rest my case….

    P.S. lelouch got his immortality  when he killed charles( his father)

  30. only orange and C.C. knew about the code. suzaku wasnt told because he still wanted to get his revenge for princess euphemia so he wanted to kill lelouch in his mind and lelouch knew that suzaku probably wouldnt help him if he knew lelouch would still live on. karen wasnt told about the code either because since she fell in love with him too it would have been better if she didnt know he still lived on. and C.C. was waiting for lelouch at the church because when everyone left she would get the chance of stealing lelouch’s body back. thats why in the last scene it looks like she’s running away with lelouch with a suitcase so they can live a happy and peaceful life together.

  31. i have one more piece of proof that lulu may be alive. in the last episode when lulu is stabbed and the crowd starts rushing out to free the hostages right when orange kun gives the order to retreat did u notice the smile pass across his face right before he speaks.Hmmm now why would someone who was so devoted to lulu smile and retreat instead of  yelling KILL ZEROOOO! Think about it.

  32. did all the main character know at the end, that lelouch let himself be killed to bring peace??

  33. Hi dippy,

    As per my knowledge i believe that the only characters who knew about his “final move” were orange, and CC. Although Nunnally got to know about Lelouch’s plan, when she saw fractions of his memory.

  34. lulu is alive.. he’s immortal like C.C. who is now his lover whom he lives with. c.c. has 1 code(grants immortality) while lelouch has the other code(both codes do the same thing) owned by v.v. originally then transferred to Charles and after lelouch killed him it transferred again making lelouch immortal the big clue was nannully touching him and learning about his plans an ability only someone with the code is able to use.. just like c.c able to do it.. thus he is immortal although he did not know at the time

    hope this helped.

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