Code Geass R2 Episode 18— HOLY SHIT

A ballet of Death.

This show does not disappoint. As far as we all know the whole reason for Lelouch is destroyed. Last episode Suzaku betrayed Lelouch. Lelouch quit trying to trust people. He is praying upon the trust that others have. He takes Guilford and uses him as the ultimate double agent. Lelouch now just exists for revenge. Not even Kallen is going to be able to help him out of this. The last time he was brought back from the brink he had something to strive for. His whole reason for doing anything was eliminated because of his mistake. The irony that his geass on Suzaku will lead to the death of Nunnally is strong. Lelouch is death. Any one close to him will die or face destruction.


The Emperor is on his way to Japan and this season is definitely leading to a conclusion. In another of Lelouch’s painful accidents Guilford saves Zero from destruction forcing Zero to live in a world without Nunnally. Nunnally could be alive if Rolo is lying about her death. Since Rolo wanted to kill her he may be lying in saying she is dead. Suzaku’s reaction to this will be interesting. He lost both his princess and Nunally. He really cannot keep pretending that everything will turn out alright when he cannot protect anyone.

The episode is largely a dance between mechs fighting. The music is classical piano. The mood is not justice over evil. Instead it is an epic battle. We are not drawn into loving the victor but witnessing the battle. In that last season you could expect most people to eject and be alright. Ejecting is the thing of the past and most people get immolated. Every with the release of Kallen the fight does not turn to one of Zero’s usual triumphs.

I cannot wait for the next episode.

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4 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 Episode 18— HOLY SHIT

  1. I guess I’m on the opposite spectrum here. To me, it was just 20 minutes of a bunch of characters no one cares about dying. If they were going for shock factor, they could’ve at least included some important people. Oh, and I’m not convinced Nunnally got fried, so I’ll put ‘OH SHIT’-mode on hold for now.

    And unfortunately, there looks to be some mighty emo-ness on the way. Can’t say I’m looking forward to that. I wish they’d at least kill of Rolo while they’re at it. He’s way overdue.

  2. Well I would agree that Shirley’s death was more shocking. But I would also say that Lelouch snapping at the end is kinda of important.

  3. My prediction for the next few episode is Rolo showing up in a frilly little dress and trying to be replacement for Nunnally. Also, Lelouch’s revenge motive is now absolute. He has nothing holding him back from completely destroying everything.

    I’m fairly confident that there isn’t going to be any Nunnally revivals, this show is pretty good about killing off the characters and keeping them dead…so far.

  4. Well Im Not Surprised That Nunnally Died. I was expecting Rolo to kill her off but at the end were Suzaku Used The Fila-whatever was like CRAZY it blew my mind i didint expect Suzaku to kill Nunnally Lelouch Is gonna give a BIG ass-kicking to that fucking messed up Dad KALLEN FTW

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