Code Geass R2 episode 16– Story Ahoy

This is late cuz I was at comic-con and zonked out.   Lelouch has some real issues.

This is one of the first times we see Lelouch struggling without an idea of what to do. He is really shaken by his father. On one level it seems to be a little incongruous that he is so easily thrown off his game. This only points to the fear he has of his father and that his father shakes him to his core. His fear forces him to ask Suzaku for help. Suzaku sure does act like an ass as well. It is very mercenary to only help if he gets his desire from Lelouch. While Lelouch realizes that he is not able to do everything, he still keeps his goals in sight. Lelouch does not struggle with the same moral quandaries that Suzaku faces. Lel;ouch still has his plans firmly in sight. Despite all that has happened Suzaku is still holding onto the idea that he can save Japan through Britannia.

Charles shows that he can hijack a TV signal just like his son. He is becoming the worthy adversary that can challenge Lelouch. Lelouch is scared of Charles, which gives a great advantage to Charles. This creates an exciting dynamic that could be very fun to watch. A chess game that is complicated and subtle would be exciting to watch. Hopefully the next episodes do justice to the situation. It would be rather droll for there to be an arms-race and it is just about one person getting a bigger army then the rival. This situation also allows one to think that the emperor was passive for a reason in the earlier seasons. The emperor is looking for an opponent to be a challenge. One reason the emperor may have allowed Lelouch to become strong is that there is a competitive game to play for the world.

C.C. has completely reverted back to her former self. She is the slave girl that does not have the sophistication that C.C. had Lelouch’s reaction to her is interesting. Clearly Lelouch felt something for her in the brain machine, but does that still hold for C.C. as she is now? He treats her with kindness when it suits him. He did snap at her and almost hit her with his helmet. Lelouch rarely lets things get so bad that he looses control. Is he just being nice to her because he can use her later or is he being nice to her because of the feelings he had for her? This could be the plot device that solves the tangled emotions. Since C.C. is not who she used to be Lelouch may be kind to her but fall for Kallen because Kallen is the only one left who is still the same. The tangled web of emotions is still pretty thick but resolution is not out of the question.

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  1. You make a great blog and manage to really take the story down to its core. Great reading if you, like me, don’t always understand the more subtle story behind the gunfighting and fan-service…

  2. The plot: Lelouch double times Kallen and C.C. and then feel guilty, so he swears off women and goes to Suzaku.

    Believe it.

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