Claymore 16 – Clare’s revenege really doesn’t mean much.


You know that in the classic shonen shows (even Berserk is pretty classic at times) the main character’s revenge is all that matters? I mean other things do happen, but the plot is ultimately aimed at resolving the main character’s hate against somebody? Well, throw that out with Claymore! Because in this case, the revenge that Clare desires is almost just a minor part of the overall scheme.

We learn that Priscilla has teamed up with the “boss” of the North (a male -awakened), and this group is fighting the other two main groups of awakened – The south and West. The reason that the current enemy, who turns out to be one of the three first awakened (West), is gathering other demons and awakened, is simply to fight the North boss.


That is disappointing, considering that I wanted to see a more complex plot, I wanted it to be because the awakened are planning a massive counter attack against the Organization and the humanity with some other sinister purposes in mind. But anyway, that’s what’s going on. Nothing’s right in the Claymore world, and Clare is torn (ha ha ha…I borrowed that using a line from one of Natalie Imbrulia’s song), and this is how Clare feels – not naked and lying on the floor, even though she’s definitely not that important in the overall schemes of things. She only demands her revenge.

Let’s back up a little bit. Clare decides to go to the cave where Jean (wow! I didn’t realize she’s played by Mitsuishi Kotone, who played Excel, captain Ramius of Gundam and Gundam Seed, Ebichu, and…Sailor Moon!) is kept. Clare doesn’t know who’s being kept, and she can clearly see that she has no chance against whoever she has to face, but she goes there anyway. Now, Just as the right hand awakened man – Duff, is about to take out Clare, Galatea comes to her rescue. OK, it’s not quite the ex deus machina this time, because I remember that Galatea has been tracking Clare for sometime and she has found the cave as well. Unlike last time, where Irene just came out of nowhere and saved Clare’s ass, this time, Galatea is bound to find Clare. It’s a little too good of a timing, but I’ll let it slide.


Notice I’m beginning to disrespect Clare. I mean, she’s been a weakling recently and has to be saved by other people. It seems like she’s very weak and should’ve died over and over again. Yet she acts so brave. Tto a younger person (like a Japanese teenager), that may look like bravery, but to me, a 30-year old jaded American man, that’s pure stupidity. I used to think Clare is brave, but right now I can’t help but think she’s stupid. But one thing she does puts me to shame – she goes to help even though she probably knows the odds are against her, but she can’t turn aside and just let it pass. Perhaps that’s what shone shows aim to do – to inspire people not to over look the wrong.

In any case, Galatea does come and save her. As they are fighting Duff, his leader comes out. It turns out that his leader – that little girl, is one of the first awakened – one of the three first awakened beings. She’s the awakened king (queen) of West. However, it seems like her interest lies not in fighting the claymores, but to defeat the king of the North, who recent received help from Priscilla. This is the reason why she’s trying to make claymores awaken and join her side and gathering demons to help her.

Clare demonstrates her superior control as someone who can go pass the limit of normal claymores and become an awakened, but comes back. However, it doesn’t mater as we see that she’s still pretty weak (man that’s sad), and she gets out of a jam only after Galatea tells her to go find Jean.


When she finally finds Jean, what she sees is…

90% recommended for your daily anime diet. Everyone does a great job being who she or he is. But nothing really spectacular happens here.

PS. I really want to see Clare kicks some serious ass, but for now, she’s weak. sigh…

Author: Ray

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7 thoughts on “Claymore 16 – Clare’s revenege really doesn’t mean much.

  1. Claire will kick some ass, in due time. In the meantime, the teamwork in the next episode is going to be lots of fun to watch.

    As for Priscilla’s place in the Claymore world, don’t panic… Riful has two major powers: 1. Tentacles, and 2. Red Herrings

  2. Silvering – thanks for keeping up with the blog. I’m still looking forward to the next eps. But I hope there aren’t too many spoilers contained in your comments. I’m certain that Clare will start kicking asses later. Is Riful the young girl leader?

  3. Heh, Clare’s always winning battles by the skin of her teeth, even after power-ups are added in. Still, she WAS fighting the direct henchman of one of the Abyssals (I dun like ‘Dwellers of the Deep’. Sounds ‘Nemo’ish.). Of course Duff can’t be a pushover if he keeps company with the likes of Riful. He probably would have squashed that one Male Claymore that our Fab 4 fought a while back easily.
    So Clare’s not that weak, it’s just that her opponents are just getting stronger. WAAAAY stronger…^^;

  4. Arakan 7 – I guess we’re seeing the shonen convention (expect the new opponents don’t get to fight the previous opponents). But that’s what makes shonen so exciting – in this case, Clare’s alway fighting for her life and limbs (literally in some cases). Duff is super strong. Damn, I wonder how he would fare against the akuma guy that Gutsu met (the guy who later gave Gutsu his own sword).

  5. Oh yeah, in the DBZ case, the henchman often looks strong, but when the character that’s assigned by the author to beat him shows up, he somehow gets defeated easily. Fortunately non of that nonsense in Claymore.

  6. Really Claire’s not brave or stupid… I just think she has nothing to live for. She is realistic enough to know she might die but she thinks its worth it to try to save someone else. And really that does change and she does start kicking serious butt!

  7. My opinions changed in the end and now I’m a devote reader for the manga as well. Clare is smart and strong-willed with passion. Great gal.

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